Customer Story

Check the out the adoption cases of our clients using the Cloocus service.


Handok is conducting competitive research and development with an open innovation strategy for a healthier life for everyone and is focusing on developing innovative biopharmaceuticals, targeted anticancer drugs, and medical

Sangsangin Savings Bank

Sangsangin Savings Bank is committed to digital transformation at the enterprise level, including building a duet digital finance platform


Eastsoft wants to provide the best service based on AI technology


Ecobit has linked Google Workspace to the data warehouse BigQuery to build a data analytics platform.


Kolon Industries FnC has built an integrated pipeline in a Google cloud environment, enabling efficient pipeline management and operation, including reduction of analysis costs and manpower.

Samsung Engineering

As the very first engineering corporation in Korea, Samsung Engineering provides business development, architecturing, procurement, construction, and O&M to lead the global EPC market.

Hyundai Motors Group

Hyundai Motors Group conducted a project to predict battery life of electric vehicles using Azure Databricks with Cloocus.

Dankook University

With Cloocus, Dankook University implemented a student enrollment forecast model based on Big Data analytics platform on Azure Databricks.

Barunn Company

To successfully service its web-based mobile invitations to customers, Barun Company enlisted Cloocus’ service. Cloocus provided Azure migration service to faciliatate the transition and dedicated our best effort to realize

Stock Company

Stock Company, which operated an online shopping mall, solved both shopping mall development and efficient infrastructure operation at once through Cloocus.


Through Cloocus, Read Number transferred servers distributed across various clouds to AWS and achieved cost optimization.

Oriental Brewery

With Cloocus, Oriental Brewery migrated to cloud from on-premise, including SAP and its applications, achieving 30% reduction in its opreational costs.

Team O2

Team O2 applied security to all infrastructure using AWS and built a low-cost, highly efficient operating infrastructure.


Cowon provides game operation services using PaaS database services and automatic monitoring.


THiRA-UTECH provides various integrated manufacturing-operation smart factory solution services using the cloud.

Hago L&F

Hago L&F has achieved cost efficiency and preparedness for traffic overload through cloud conversion.

Puppy Red

PuppyRed solved the shortage of manpower for CBT (private beta testing) infrastructure operation with AWS PaaS.

The Nature Holdings

A large-scale event was successful through The Nature Holdings’ web server autoscaling and RDS settings.

Hyundai AutoEver

Hyundai AutoEver is a mobility software provider that supports software and infrastrcuture across all domains of automobility. AutoEver builds mobility software platforms to create new value for upcoming mobility ecosystem.​


TravelAI develops and operates personalized, customized travel app services. We provide a service that finds travel information and recommends products based on AI by studying user tastes and reflecting them

Dream Line

Dreamline was founded in 1997 and is a communications service company whose main businesses include Internet dedicated lines, IDC, and public base stations. We are growing into a leader in


Find out the painpoints CTR had and why it transformed its system into Dynamics365 and PowerPlatform.

KBL Korea Basketball League

Hyundai Motors Group conducted a project to predict battery life of electric vehicles using Azure Databricks with Cloocus.

Soft N

Soft& is a specialized edutech company that operates the LMS business, an education management system, and Quizn, a game-based learning platform.

CJ Olive Networks

CJ OliveNetworks is an SI that services across various sectors including FMCG, distribution, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Gong Games

Gong Games is the first gaming company to launch mobile game service that implements non-patterned physical baseball.

Volkswagen Group Korea

Audi Volkswagen Korea has the Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, and Lamborghini sectors, and is contributing to the growth of the Korean imported car market by importing and selling a wide rage

Bestian Hospital

As a remote medical organization, Bestian Hospital has been proving their excellence in remote medical treatments across Korea and globally.


365MC is a hospital specializing in liposuction that has 17 branch networks nationwide and is recognized as the best in the field of liposuction in Korea.


RSUPPORT is leading company in IoT technology that benefits people through remote technology, not only PCs, mobile devices, but everything.

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