Lead Number AWS Cloud Adoption Case

Company Overview

What kind of company is Read Numer

Read Number is a tax accounting platform specializing in small business. We have developed a professional tax accounting SaaS-type platform to provide tax and accounting services to small business owners and individual business owners.


What is the background that led you to carry out the project?

Read Number was using various clouds such as AWS, GCP, KT, and NHN.
The servers that had been distributed across multiple clouds were transferred to AWS, which was used as the main one. So we wanted to manage the cloud more efficiently.


What resources did you utilize?
We managed multiple accounts efficiently and centrally using AWS’s information security governance service ‘Control Tower’.


What changes have occurred since migrating through Cloocus?

Reed Number had a need to flexibly use the infrastructure needed for business operations, and based on Cloocus’ consulting, it was able to optimize cloud costs and operate and manage the cloud more efficiently than before.

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