Company Overview

Who is CTR?

CTR stands as a premier automative gear manufacturer, renowned for its delivery of steering, suspension, driving, and braking components rooted in cutting-edge technology and uncompromising quality. With commitment to excellence, CTR is continuing its business expansion. The company’s vision encompasses the transformation into a mobility-focused company, dedicated to providing secure and reliable products across all modes of transportation for their employees, customers, and the community.


What were the client’s needs?

CTR operates as a multifaceted organization, encompassing diverse departments dedicated to secure manufacutirng, testing, and management of automotive components. However, the configuration of business systems across these departments was undertaken by differenet SI organizations. This resulted in substantial incompatiblity issues and made challenges in terms of maintenance and updates. Furthermore, the attempts to enhance productivity through adopting Solution ‘S’ caused unexpected outcomes of excessive costs and incomplete terminations of CRM systems. 

Solution ‘S’ was difficult to customize in detail to aligh with specific requirements of each department. This led to an underutilization of the solution, with only a handful of departments making use of it. In light of these circumstances, CTR was searching for a collaborative system that could reduce costs and efficiently manage its overall IT environment. To address to its needs, Cloocus provided migration project to transform its IT systems to Microsoft’s


What were the results?

Cloocus planned to reduce costs and create a system for efficient maintenance and change management by transforming CTR’s business system into a single unified Power Platform. The project started from the test management system where CTR engages in commissioned testing of component prototypes for prominent automakers, ensuring their safe market readiness. The previous system required manual data processing redundancies, compelling operators to navigate Excel for data handling. 

Leveraging Power Apps and Power Automate, Cloocus seamlessly integrated workflows and increased work efficiency. This approach also resolved data integration issues, including data discrepanciees, making data management easier.


Which solutions were utilized?

The project was carried out using the following solutions:

– Power Apps
– Power Automate
– Azure SQL
– Azure App Service
– Blob Storage

Cloocus is an MSP with expertise in Microsoft technology. A group of experts with proven technical specialty with experience in manufacuring, cosmetics, fashion, and more can help you consult and deploy Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to meet your needs.

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