Cloocus Partner Program

Start Microsoft Cloud Business!

Together with Microsoft, Cluckers is supporting partner programs to lead the cloud ecosystem in the IT market.
Start a cloud business that reduces burden and maximizes efficiency with cloocus,
which has the highest certification of global Azure technology!
ISV Partner
  • Small and medium enterprises and start-ups in Korea that want to cloud their solutions
  • Companies that want to make a profit on the amount of cloud I use
Reseller Partner
  • Companies looking to earn licensing revenue from selling Microsoft products

Why Microsoft Business?

Accelerate AI-powered application innovation with Azure

Azure integrates with your existing IT infrastructure to deliver a hybrid cloud environment and helps you create easy cloud solutions.
AI-Based App Development and Deployment
Developers can develop and deploy AI on a service basis, and they also provide basic code and APIs for deploying and managing ML models.
Building Innovative AI Solutions
Azure provides high scalability for large-scale data processing and analysis, which makes it easy to coordinate the computational resources needed to train and run large AI models.
Various AI services
Azure offers a variety of AI services, including reinforcement learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. These services help developers build and run AI quickly.

Increase cost efficiency

Azure Hybrid benefits provide savings on using Microsoft products, such as Windows SQL Server licenses, and enhance cost efficiency by leveraging a variety of business-specific pricing policies, such as the per-second payment model.

Supporting global businesses from app development to sales

By registering the app on Microsoft Marketplace, any domestic or foreign company using Azure can be a potential customer.

Azure, which has the world’s largest data center in the cloud, also provides reliable and fast cloud services.
80 %
95% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure
45 +
Operates in more than 60 data centers in 140 countries worldwide

For Reseller

Incentive support based on sales
Co-marketing/sales support
Provision of an order/billing automation system

Why Cloocus Partner?

Deliver revenue based on cloud usage

If you become a partner of Clucus, which has obtained Microsoft official Tier 2 (distributor) status, We help you get your cloud usage costs back as a profit through Azure without Microsoft’s complex requirements such as minimum sales, subscription fees, and technology center operation.

Technology / Joint Marketing / Pre-sales Support

Cloocus, the first Korean company to receive Azure’s top technology certification, supports partners with the technology needed for their cloud business through a partner ecosystem and supports joint marketing and pre-sales. Start a stable business with a professional partner.

Azure Expert MSP

Global Azure Technology Ranked Best (First in Korea)

Microsoft Partner of the Year 2021, 2022 & 2023 Korea
Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for 3rd consecutive year
2023 Korea Partner Award Top Partner for Data & AI
Microsoft Partner Awards Data & AI Awards
Azure Advanced Specializations
Global Azure Technology Ratings for Specific workloads
(Currently have 10 areas)

Start a Microsoft Cloud business with Cloocus!

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