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KBL Korea Basketball League

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Company Overview

What is KBL (Korea Basketball League)?

The KBL (Korea Basketball League) is a federation affiliated with the Professional Sports Association and consists of 10 Korean professional basketball clubs. We carry out a wide range of activities, from hosting basketball games to conducting research on basketball techniques, training and qualification of basketball players and coaches, conducting international exchange projects, and establishing and approving basketball games, in order to promote basketball to the public and promote a healthy national culture.


What inspired you to work on the project?

Amid the declining popularity of professional basketball in Korea, the Korea Basketball League has come up with a plan to revitalize fans’ interest in basketball, and the need for systematic fan management has emerged. To this end, we have embarked on a 1:1 customized fan management project for each club, which could not be implemented due to the lack of budget of each club.


What did Cloocus contribute?

Cloocus leveraged Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to provide professional CRM* strategy consulting and deployment services.

*CRM is an abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management, which refers to a variety of activities that strengthen the bond with the brand based on the collected customer data and lead to actual sales improvements.

First of all, KBL analyzed customer data and provided strategy consulting to conduct appropriate CRM marketing. We proposed a business model and fan management strategy, and designed the process and roadmap for the project.

Based on the business process derived from the strategy consulting process, the KBL integrated APP was built so that you can check ticket purchases, KBL merchandise purchases, and KBL-related game videos and news in one place, which previously required different platforms. Through this, it is possible to effectively collect, integrate, and analyze online behavioral data, such as fans’ stadium visit history, KBL-related product purchase history, and when customers decide to consume and at what point they leave.

For fan data analysis and marketing activities, KBL Integrated Data Mart was built to integrate customers’ basic information and behavior information to effectively manage the data, and as a result, KBL was able to implement customized fan management and marketing.


What solutions were utilized?

The following solutions were utilized to advance the project:

· Dynamics 365 for Membership Management
· Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
· Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate)
· Adobe Campaign Standard
· Azure Cloud Service (PaaS SQL, App Service, Blob Storage, Defender)

Cloocus is a cloud MSP with expertise in CRM consulting and deployment. We support customer relationship management through Dynamics 365 and PowerPlatform, and we have a group of CRM experts who have proven their skills with successful projects in various fields such as cosmetics and fashion.

Do you have a need for CRM marketing?

Please feel free to contact our CRM marketing expert Cloocus!

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