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Cloocus forms a single partnership for major technologies and supports win-win development with customers as the best cooperative partner.


클라우드 환경으로의 이전은 디지털 비즈니스 혁신 그 이상의 융합 기술입니다. 클라우드 컴퓨팅이 제공하는 인프라, 플랫폼, 방대한 특수 기능까지 최대로 잘 활용하고, 보다 완벽하게 운영하여 사업의 혁신적인 성장을 성취하기 위해서는 최적의 파트너 솔루션 선택이 중요합니다. 클루커스는 주요 Technology에 대한 단일 파트너십을 구성하여, 업계 최고 기술력을 가진 클라우드 파트너 팀과 함께 막강한 컨설팅 파워를 제공합니다.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, the AI cloud platform has a mission to help everyone and every organization achieve more. With the largest global infrastructure, Azure is a globally trusted secure cloud platform. Cloocus is the ‘Azure Expert MSP’ recognized as the highest grade in cloud technology. In addition, We have all of Azure’s core cloud capabilities at the gold level, and are the only domestic service supply partners for Cloud Mo Factory and AMP. Cloocus has the largest customer reference and engineer group among domestic Azure partners, delivering a higher level of technology and service to customers.

Naver Cloud Platform

Naver Cloud provides the ‘Naver Cloud Platform’ service based on experiences of operating the fast and stable IT infrastructure of Naver and numerous other services. As a domestic cloud service company, Naver presents products and solutions suitable for the growth and industry of companies that global cloud service providers have not been able to manage deeply. They also have a global level of security technology and have their own data center worldwide. In addition to enterprise services such as enterprise cloud, AI platform, and business collaboration tools, they provide highly complete cloud solutions specialized for business such as education, e-commerce (e-commerce), and games.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform addresses a variety of business challenges. As the world’s largest data processing company, Google has a lot of experience and know-how in data analysis. In particular, Big Query of GCP is the core engine of Google’s Big Data, and features fast speed, scalability, and cost efficiency. Big Query lets you focus on data analytics without having to worry about managing your infrastructure. As a partner of Google Cloud Platform, Cloocus is expanding GCP core competencies and supports GCP based on various data analytics experiences and know-how.

AWS : Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. Core infrastructure of AWS is built to satisfy the security requirements for the military, global banks, and other high-sensitivity organizations. This is backed by a deep set of cloud security tools, with 230 security, compliance, and governance services and features.


Confluent is the data streaming platform that is pioneering a fundamentally new category of data infrastructure that sets data in motion. Confluent’s cloud-native offering is the foundational platform for data in motion – designed to be the intelligent connective tissue enabling real-time data, from multiple sources, to constantly stream across the organization. With Confluent, organizations can meet the new business imperative of delivering rich, digital front-end customer experiences and transitioning to sophisticated, real-time, software-driven backend operations.


Databricks provides the integrated solution for data engineering, data science, machine learning of the whole lifecycle and business analysis through Lakehouse architecture with Apache Spark as its engine. Cloocus will support those who would be willing to accelerate digital transformation in the era of the data economy, with the use of Databricks solutions throughout their entire customer journey. Companies and enterprises can build rich AI-based datasets, gain insights from larger datasets, optimize machine learning at scale, and streamline cross-team workflows, reduce infrastructure complexity, and provide superior customer experiences.


Spark Beyond’s Problem-solving platform, introduced in Korea through Cloocus, is an AI-based data analysis platform. It helps companies sustainable competitive advantages through better decisions in various fields. SparkBeyond was founded in 2013, now has branches in New York, London, Israel, Singapore, and Melbourne, also partnered with a broad range of industries including insurance, financial services, pharmaceuticals, retail, CPG, and energy among Fortune 500 companies.


HashiCorp, based on open-source software such as Terraform, Vault, Consul, and Nomad, supports the operational efficiency of all infrastructures ranging from a variety of environments such as private cloud and multi-cloud as well as existing traditional infrastructure. HashiCorp was also ranked 4th in the “100 Best Cloud Companies” by Forbes in 2020. In particular, Terraform is IaC (Infrastructure as Code) that provides the infrastructure environment as code and standardizes the deployment and management process that was previously operated in various ways. This minimizes failures and provides rapid deployment and scalability. Through a partnership with HashiCorp, Cloocus will provide solutions, consulting, and enterprise-specialized services.


DATADOG is a monitoring tool for cloud applications and provides detailed metrics for cloud applications, servers, and networks. DATADOG, which has strength in quick detection and trouble shooting, is a suitable solution for users who want to automatically manage cloud infrastructure. By combining existing cloud management service with advanced monitoring technology of DATADOG, Cloocus will provide customers with a more stable cloud operating environment and provide strong integrated cloud services based on this.


GitHub’s platform integrates developers, cloud platforms, and your entire organization to maximize the value of the DevOps and open-source community. Cloocus is GitHub’s channel partner and uses GitHub as a catalyst for cultural change to support customers’ digital transformation.


Nerdio’s Manager for WVD, introduced for the first time in Korea through Cloocus, is a solution for companies that want to quickly deploy, manage, and optimize WVD on a large scale. It solves the inconvenience that deploying and managing Azure WVD through PowerShell, and provides all the functions provided by Azure in the UI on its own admin page. It also supports rapid deployment of WVD for business continuity. Specialized auto-scaling function can dramatically reduce VM costs. Cloocus will provide home and remote working environment with this service.

Aqua Security

Aqua’s CNAPP protects cloud native applications from cloud native attacks by providing the entire development environment on cloud as a single environment. With Aqua’s platform, you can maximize the benefits of cloud native transformation and expedite the innovation process, regardless of the scale of cloud native applications. Cloocus is planning to provide security-focused cloud native services by delivering application modernization services based on CNAPP.

Unity Korea

Unity, a leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D, provides softwares for building worldwide Metaverse platform such as ‘Horizon World’ of Meta and ‘Zepeto’ of Naver Z to the overall industry. With conclusion of a strategical partnership with Cloocus to cooperate in Metaverse industry, Cloocus will promote joint investment and technological cooperation for developing Metaverse education platform and custom editor tools based on Unity, and provide Metaverse platform service optimized with national public and educational area together.

WELL-LINK Technologies

WELL-LINK Technologies is a company that specializes in real-time cloud rendering solutions, and they offer a standardized cloud gaming solution as a PaaS with Graphics as a Service (GaaS) technology. Cloud Gaming utilizg Well-Link’s flagship technology is the future of the game industry, as it allows gamers to enjoy games without any limitations of time and space, regardless of their device’s performance when connected to a network. Through the collaboration of Cloocus and WELL-LINK in the Cloud Gaming business, we plan to expand our business to more game development customers in global markets, providing high-quality and cost savings.

dbt Labs

With a mission to empower data practitioners to create and disseminate organizational knowledge, dbt Labs is a SQL-first transformation workflow that lets teams quickly and collaboratively deploy analytics code following software engineering best practices like modularity, portability, CI/CD, and documentation. Dbt Labs currently supports more than 1,000 customers using dbt Cloud, the centralized development experience for analysts and engineers alike.


“Time matters” With the purpose to empower the world with data, mind, and heart, TimeXtender is a leading low-code, drag-and-drop, data estate builder that enables organizations to make business decisions without sacrificing compliance and governance of their data infrastructure. This includes leveraging automation and AI to support advanced analytics and the ability to help customers make the transformative journey to the cloud with their Microsoft Azure-certified platform.


Fivetran is an ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) solution that automates the most time-consuming part of the ELT process. Their platform allows for creating seamless data movement, security, transformations, governance, and extensibility management pipelines. With over 300+ native data connectors, Fivetran fully automates connectors and data from cloud applications, databases, event logs, and more into data warehouses.


Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies around the world, Immuta enables organizations to unlock value from their cloud data by protecting it and providing secure access. The Immuta Data Security Platform provides sensitive data recovery, security, access control, data activity monitoring and has deep integrations with leading cloud data platforms.


aiOla’s speech-powered AI technology enables workers to complete processes using speech in real-time and transforms spoken information into structured data. aiOla boasts a mastery of industry-specific jargon, understands over 100 languages, discerns any accent, captures speech in any acoustic environment, and accurately differentiates between regular conversation and mission-critical information. By replacing paper-based and manual processes with digital speech-powered operations, businesses can implement aiOla in just a few hours and achieve ROI in a matter of weeks.

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is a robust, yet easy-to-use, converged networking and network security platform which connects all users, in the office, or remote, located on-prem or cloud. It is a cloud-native solution that includes advanced capabilities such as Zero Trust remote access, Internet Access Control, malware protection, and firewall-as-a-service.


With solutions in Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security, Elastic helps to enhance customer and employee search experiences, keep mission-critical applications running smoothly, and protect organizations’ cloud environment against cyber threats. Delivered wherever data lives, in one cloud, across many clouds, or on-prem, Elastic enables more than 50% of the Fortune 500 and 17,000+ customers worldwide.


Cilium is an open-source solution created by Isovalent to provide, secure, and observe network connectivity between container workloads. This solution is fueled by revolutionary Kernel technology, eBPF. Cilium consists of an agent running on all cluster nodes and servers in the environment. It provides networking, security, and observability to the workloads running on that node.

Red Hat

As the world’s leading provider of enterprise open-source solutions including Linux, cloud, container and Kubernetes, Red Hat delivers a hardened OS solution that makes it easier for enterprises to work across platforms and environments. Red Hat also delivers IT services on any infrastructure and cost effectively with portfolio of cloud infrastructure, application services, cloud-native application, development, and automation solutions.


CircleCI is a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) solution to assist software teams to accelerate innovation and growth. Understanding the importance of CI/CD in the development phase, CircleCI platform lets build fully-automated pipelines from testing to deployment, allowing them to focus on the real work of innovation. Using CircleCI, engineers can automate the entire suite of new commits, reducing the potential for human error, while using orbs to automate deployments.


Freshworks is a Software-as-a-Service application platform designed to enable better customer experience (CX, CRM) and employee experience (ITSM, HSRM). Serving over 50,000 companies worldwide, Freshworks is designed as an easy-to-use software for businesses of all sizes, making it effortless for them to delight their employees and their customers.


SUSE is a global leader in enterprise-grade open-source solutions, specialized in business-critical Linux and enterprise container management. SUSE enables customers to efficiently achieve business innovation via optimizing workloads in various environments including bare metal and cloud-based infrastructures. As a global leader in Linux management, SUSE is trusted by 1,000+ customers worldwide.

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