Microsoft 365​

The optimal solution for collaboration and security.

Implement Microsoft 365, the All-in-Once solution, to use all the necessary technology in a single platform

Project Collaboration
Collaboration easily available anywhere, through video meetings, messengers, mails, and planner
The Latest Office
Always use the latest version of PowerPoint, Excel, and Word
Systematic Document Management
Setting permissions for important documents and protecting against confidential information leakage.
Thorough Security
Robust security features of Microsoft, including malware/phishing prevention, and multi-factor authentication.

Representative productivity features offered by Microsoft 365.

By adopting Microsoft 365, you can access all the necessary business features on a unified platform. From video conferencing and messaging to collaborative document editing on cloud storage, you’ll experience an all-in-one solution that combines the latest OS and security features. Explore the various plan options tailored to your business needs, enabling cost-optimized operations.
Office Tools
Office available on desktops and mobile environments
100GB per user + unlimited archiving mailbox provided
Exchange Online
Messenger/Video Conference/Phone
Collaborative platform based on chatting
Portal/Cloud Storage/Search/Collaboration
Collaboration Portal / Intranet Deployment by Document storage and search, and and personal storage space
SharePoint Online
OneDrive for Biz
No/Low Code Business Process
Office available on desktops and mobile environments
Power Automate
Power Apps
Power Virtual Agents
Corporate Social
Corporate Social Network / Video Contents Service
Analysis and AI
Data visualizing tool / individual productivity insight / search
Power BI
My Analytics
Project Management
Planning, work configuration and assignment, dashboards and email notifications
To Do
Security and Compliance
Data governance / Office 365 DLP / Audit log monitoring / eDiscovery / Access control
Account/ Device management and Security Service
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security
Windows Client
Windows 11 Enterprise (Windows As A Service)

The hub for teamwork, Microsoft Teams

By utilizing Microsoft 365’s Teams as the central hub for collaboration, you can maintain connectivity across various aspects of the company’s work
A unified collaboration / Communication system connected through a single channel
  • Instant space creation and internal/external collaboration according to business purposes
  • Expandable platform where Chatbots and SaaS application connection is possible.
  • Connected services for collaborating spaces, online meetings, schedule management, and file organization all in one unified space
Expected benefits
  • Supporting an organic and flexible collaboration system centered around work
  • Ensuring a unified collaboration/communication system not restricted by PC or mobile devices.
  • Assetization of not only work results, but also knowledge and outcomes through process sharing

The representative security features provided in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 for Collaboration and Security, Cloocus is here to support you

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