Cloud Consulting

We present the right path for an efficient cloud journey!

Provides the first step toward customers efficient cloud journey.
Cloocus’s cloud consulting provides solutions through analysis of customers’ current IT system status and requirements. We identify customer needs and present a cloud roadmap appropriate for your company. Check out a customized cloud strategy that will increase your business efficiency through expert cloud engineers!

What We Offer

We provide the following services for cloud adoption strategy and cost optimization through customer interviews and system analysis.
Cloud transformation consulting
  • Identify the customer’s current IT operating system
  • Identify customer needs
  • Introduction to suitable cloud services
  • Introduction to PoC and Assessment procedures
  • Result report provided
Cloud Optimization Consulting
  • Cost Optimization
  • Optimize Cloud Performance
    – Check workload usage
    – Cloud infrastructure configuration status
  • Result report provided
BCDR Quick Assessment​
  • Period: 2 weeks
  • Survey of current DR and backup systems
  • Check service continuity management guidelines
  • BCDR Directional Definition
  • To-Be Architecture / TCO
  • Submission of final report
Cloud security diagnosis consulting​​
  • Cloud Security Workshop
  • Cloud Security Assessment
    1. Establishment of plan (schedule/diagnosis scope)
    2. Assessment
    3. Introduction to security enhancement improvement measures
  • Result report provided

Our Capability : CCoE Cloud Innovation Center

Customer Story

Samsung Engineering

As the very first engineering corporation in Korea, Samsung Engineering provides business development, architecturing, procurement, construction, and O&M to lead the global EPC market.
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Hyundai AutoEver

Hyundai AutoEver is a mobility software provider that supports software and infrastrcuture across all domains of automobility. AutoEver builds mobility software platforms to create new ...
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Leading developer and publisher of MMORPG and mobile games with global presence and end-users
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