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The Nature Holdings

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Company Overview

The Nature Holdings is a fashion brand specialist that develops, produces, and distributes the world’s leading global products.
Its representative brands include National Geographic and NFL, and it operates an online independent mall along with offline stores across the country.

Established in 2004, The Nature Holdings has been leading domestic industry trends for the past 10 years by accurately understanding and quickly responding to the rapidly globalizing market status and diverse consumer needs, and is planning to expand overseas. there is.

The Challenge

In the early days of the business, when sales were not large, it was not difficult to operate each brand separately using a hosting service, but as sales increased and online demand increased due to the coronavirus, there were limits to the use of hosting services. We had difficulty responding to large-scale events, and even if we wanted to apply data analysis, there were many limitations in the infrastructure environment using hosting services.

While carrying out the integrated mall reorganization project, we planned to move to a cloud environment to improve the environment, but were experiencing difficulties due to the lack of cloud personnel in-house. By working with AWS partner Clucus, we were able to design and build a cloud architecture.

AWS role

The reason why customers adopted AWS is because it is the cloud platform used by most e-commerce companies and can guarantee the stability and availability of web servers and database servers. Since the customer did not have its own staff to manage the infrastructure, it needed to efficiently utilize various devices on AWS. Additionally, thanks to the introduction of the cloud, we were able to respond flexibly to large-scale events such as grand opening events, even though the number of users could not be predicted.

Web servers were placed within an auto-scaling group to respond to rapidly increasing traffic, and web servers were placed in a private subnet, while a load balancer and NAT gateway were used to ensure smooth user access. The database utilized RDS, AWS’s PaaS relational database that guarantees availability.

Even in the case of large-scale events, we were able to flexibly respond to web server traffic thanks to pre-work through autoscaling, and in the case of databases, we were able to respond relatively easily using RDS’s Scale-Up/Down reservation setting function.

The Benefits

After switching to the cloud, customers were able to provide services in a more stable environment and could focus on services without having to spend a lot of effort on infrastructure management. Another advantage is that you do not have to spend time or pay excessive costs on large-scale event response tasks, and it is also attractive that services such as personalized recommendation services and machine learning provided by AWS can be introduced at any time in the future.

Solution Architect

Shin-young Kim manager

Ha-rang Shin manager

Myeong-gyu Kim  manager

Hyun-jin Kim  manager

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