Client Story

CJ Olive Networks

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CJ OliveNetworks is an SI that services across various sectors including FMCG, distribution, entertainment, and lifestyle. Moreover, they offer comprehensive IT services encompassing every phase of IT infrastructure including operation, monitoring, and recovery, providing a complete range of IT services.


As an affiliate of CJ Group, OliveNetwork aims to bolster their capabilities in the realm of public cloud. To achieve this, they are proactively implementing internal systems and striving to establish a specialized partnership with Azure.

The client wished to migrate its on-premise system to Azure in order to modernize and optimize its IT infrastructure.

Utilized Azure Resources

Azure VM(+ for SAP HANA), NSG, DDoS , Managed Instance(PaaS DB), Application gateway(WAF), Azure VPN(SSL, Site) , Azure DevOps, Azure Loadbalancer


Withouut undergoing Assessment or PoC phase, the migration was made to Azure. Performance testing, load testing, and redundancy testing were conducted during the migration to ensure service stability. This allowed to provide robust change management, ensuring a smooth and reliable transition.

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