Establishing a collaborative environment that increases work productivity

With the emergence of super-giant AI, fundamental changes have occurred in the way we work, improving productivity, and strategies to expand business have become possible.

Cloocus diagnoses a company’s business environment and provides construction and managed services to introduce optimal smart work that increases work efficiency and protects security. Build a smart collaboration environment that increases work efficiency!

What We Offer

Cloocus supports building a smart work environment so that employees can work productively with enhanced security.
M365 introduction consulting (pre-analysis consulting)
  • Current License Analysis
  • Analysis of current system and security management
  • Custom License Subscription Offer
Building service
(License application/System settings)
  • Domain/mail system settings
  • Group and user registration, authority management
  • Create and set up a collaborative workspace
  • Auditing and Security Configuration Settings
User/Administrator Training (Practical Training)
  • Manager for work stabilization & Provide user training
  • Provide guidance materials on how to use
Managed Service
(Operation Maintenance/Repair Support)
  • M365, AAD, Exchange
  • Technical Support Failure Reporting
  • MSP help desk operation

Hidden but easy function! Convenient Microsoft 365 Series

We share Microsoft 365 tips that will definitely help you with collaboration and security. Increase your work productivity through the YouTube series from Cloocus Microsoft 365 experts.


Work on the same document simultaneously in Teams
How to co-edit!


SharePoint, OneDrive
Set unique scope outside of file!


Invite external guests to Teams and manage their permissions!

Our Solutions

Cloocus supports smart work solutions based on various references.


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Complying with security regulations while increasing work productivity Are you considering the optimal smart work adoption?

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