Client Story

Dream Line

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Dreamline was founded in 1997 and is a communications service company whose main businesses include Internet dedicated lines, IDC, and public base stations. We are growing into a leader in the CT field based on the technology and expertise we have accumulated over 20 years.

The Challenge

Dreamline x Skelter Labs x Nascar Labs collaborated to plan an AI-Call-Bot service. The three companies sought to save previously wasted manpower and time by replacing hospital CTI with AI-Call-Bot. Accordingly, Cloocus helped configure and optimize the infrastructure that can service the AI solution, AI-Call-Bot service.

The Solution

Using a 3rd  Party solution, Needs used Google Cloud Marketplace to accelerate the procurement process and quickly distribute software packages, as well as adding it to Google Cloud Invoice, providing an environment where you can focus on development without worrying about billing. In addition, AI solution deployment and service uses GKE, a managed Kubernetes Service, to increase developer productivity by providing a container application deployment environment, developer productivity, resource efficiency, and automated tasks. Considering security, a private IP is used for the Database Instance (Cloud SQL, Memorystore for Redis) to protect it from the outside and solve security issues. Provisioning, replication, failover, etc. are automated so you can focus on the application without worrying about management. I made it happen.

The Result​

An environment where HA can be easily configured and a more secure Database Instance (Cloud SQL, Memorystore for Redis) can be set to focus on development has been provided, and by using GKE, cost savings have been achieved and by configuring a regional cluster and three or more worker nodes. SLA guaranteed up to 99.95%. Additionally, the situation where billing points could occur in multiple locations using multiple 3rd party solutions was resolved through GCP’s Marketplace .

By configuring the infrastructure through Cloocus' GCP experts and utilizing the Marketplace, we were able to focus solely on developing AI solutions.

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