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Puppy Red

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Company Overview

Puppy Red developed and operated a game named ‘Puppy Red’.

Based on TriD Communication Co., Ltd., we are a company that produces and supplies software specialized in entertainment.

Puppy Red M is scheduled to officially open in 2022, and an open metaverse platform is being prepared.

The Challenge

In response to the public’s petition to relaunch Puppy Red and encore funding for Puppy Red M, we prepared to develop and open Puppy Red M, and newly created all production environments for CBT (Closed Beta Test) service. It was a situation that had to be built.

Development progressed quickly by utilizing various open sources, but there were problems with operating and managing various services for CBT services.

AWS role

While considering several cloud vendors, we decided that the Gamelift features provided by AWS were compatible with PuppyRed’s environment, so we ultimately chose AWS. Gamelift is a dedicated game server hosting solution that deploys, operates, and scales cloud servers for multiplayer games.

Based on AWS’s well-architected framework, we have created an environment that satisfies operational excellence, security, stability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability.

AutoScaling and CodeDeploy were used to deploy the same environment to multiple servers, and various managed PaaS services provided by AWS such as RDS / Redis / Opensearch were used to create an environment that ensures availability and scalability. Additionally, by using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and CloudFront, we can use storage at lower costs and deliver content quickly to users.

The Benefits

PuppyRed is a company focused on development personnel, and it was important to focus on service development and complete development quickly. However, with very few infrastructure operation personnel, efficient infrastructure management was not possible.

However, by utilizing our partner’s technical support and AWS’s PaaS service, we were able to relieve the burden on operational personnel and create an environment where we could focus solely on development.

In particular, in a situation where there is no professional database personnel (DBA) in-house, we were able to provide stable services by using RDS Aurora, which has management advantages and high performance and availability.

Solution Architect

Shin-young Kim manager

Ha-rang Shin manager

Myeong-gyu Kim manager

Technical Architect

Ki-ho Park manager

Kyung-soo Han manager

Database Engineer

Yejun Kim manager

Ji-hoon Yoo manager

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