Barunn Company - Azure Cloud Migration Case Study

As digital IT technology continues to advance, in-person invitation deliveries have become increasingly uncommon. Concurrently, this trend led to a decline in the paper print market as well.

One of the industries affected by this trend would be mobile invitation industry. Among them, Barunn Company (Barunn Card) holds an unrivaled market share in Korea. To stay agile in the dynamic IT landscape, Barunn Company has embraced cloud innovation to quickly adapt to ever-changing IT environment to develop its products and services.

To successfully service its web-based mobile invitations to customers, Barunn Company enlisted Cloocus’ service. Cloocus provided Azure migration service to faciliatate the transition and dedicated our best effort to realize the sincerity of handwritten paper invitations on digital environment.

Company Overview

Who is Barunn Company (Barunn Card)?

Barunn Company Co., Ltc. is the #1 wedding invitation brand in Korea since 1970. It has the highest maket share of mobile wedding invitation industry, as well as the card manufacutring and printing industry.

Even in the global market, Barunn also exports its own designed products to more than 30 countries, winning a renowned card design award “Louis Award”.

Barunn Company nests its own special technology for laser cutting and has the world’s largest production facility. Based on its years of experience, Barunn Company has been improving customer satisfaction and brand reputation by its cutting-edge processing technology and its unique design.


What were the painpoints of the customer?

Barunn Company was considering replacing its old, on-premise, physical server to new IT instrastructure. It also faced exponentially increasing DB traffics has its web-based illustration graphics services has grown over the years. But Barunn was also aware there is a risk that changing to new equipments incurs big catipal expenses. Ultimately, Barunn decided cloud migration to meet all the requirements including data availability, ease of use, increased security, and affordable operation costs.

IT staffs and developers of Barunn Compnay were experts familiar with Azure environment, and they had strong need to migrate to Azure in order to enjoy Azure’s validated solution. As they knew that cloud-based operation grants benefits of increasing data availability and security and enhancing security posture, they requested Cloocus for Azure migration.

As the best Microsoft Azure management company, Cloocus successfully convereted Barunn’s on-premise server to Azure cloud environment.


How did Cloocus resolve customer’s pain points?

Focusing on a stable IT infrastructure transition and cost optimization, Cloocus supported Barunn Company to transform its business by adopting cloud.

By transitioning their environment to SQL server and highly available PaaS managed instance, Barunn Company was able to reduce costs on infrastructure deployment and management. The migration also helped Barunn Company to focus only on its core business tasks by building stable system environment with network firewall settings to enhance security. Post migration, Barunn was happy to increase the number of resources used for their website and have well settled with a stable cloud infrastructure.

Moreover, Cloocus has been providing RI(Reserved Instances) to help Barunn Company reduce their expenses by approximately 30%.


Which solutions were utilized?

– Azure App Service
– Application Gateway
– Function App
– Azure SQL

Azure Expert MSP with the best Microsoft technology expertise, Cloocus

Cloocus enables business transfomraiton and stable business operation on cloud environment by continuous monitoring and cost management optimization.

PaaS Cloud offers architecture designing to run your resources efficiently and enables easy resource scaling as needed. It also offloads IT admins from hardware, network, and server management. 

Build your cloud infrascture quickly and easily with Cloocus: gain security, save costs, and achieve data scability and flexibility! 

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