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Stock Company

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Stock Company AWS Cloud and Emmon Solution Introduction Case

Company Overview

What kind of company is Stock Company?

Stock Company operates its own mall, “iStock Mall,” and “3PL Logistics Business,” based on the know-how in Unline’s distribution business accumulated over 19 years since its founding in 2004. In the meantime, we have stably established the online businesses of numerous brands and are continuously developing online solutions for better e-commerce businesses.

Stock Company has extensive experience in consignment operations for large brand companies, and carries out online consignment services in a variety of ways based on logistics. We provide solutions focused on increasing sales and improving profits by streamlining the distribution process of our clients’ brands, and we have formed a dedicated team of brand experts in each field to generate stable profits.

Stock Company is proud to be Korea’s leading online distribution company that has stably established numerous brands in the online market.


What is the background to carrying out the project ?

Stock Company was operating a shopping mall in an IDC-based on-premise environment. Because of the development work, it was difficult to manage IDC operations with internal staff, and it was difficult to provide stable services due to aging servers and frequent failures. Additionally, during large-scale events, it was difficult to properly establish marketing strategies due to server load due to an increase in concurrent users.

To solve the customer’s problem, Cloocus proposed Mmonstar’s Mmon Solution, a shopping mall building platform optimized for AWS, and was able to solve both shopping mall development and efficient infrastructure operation at once.


What resources did you utilize?

Stock Company’s infrastructure consists of three tiers: front-end, back-end, and database to ensure stable service and security. To improve user experience, the front end was processed with Cloudfront + S3 to provide users with low latency and high transfer speeds. We also placed a lambda@edge resource between cloudfront and s3 for search engine optimization (SEO). For example, if your user agent is a search engine bot such as Googlebot or Bingbot, you can trigger a Lambda function to send an HTML page that is pre-rendered and stored in Amazon S3.

EC2 was used for backend and back office. To reduce server load due to increased traffic, the load is distributed using Elastic Load Balancer, an OSI 7-layer load balancer, and Auto Scaling is applied to automatically increase the number of servers when CPU usage exceeds a threshold.

In order for instances in the private subnet to communicate with the outside, security has been strengthened through NAT Gateway and Bastion host, and by using RDS, a fully managed database, specifications can be upgraded in a matter of minutes when load increases.


What changes have occurred since migrating through Cloocus?

By using Mmon Solution, Mmonstar’s shopping mall construction platform optimized for AWS, we have been able to dramatically shorten shopping mall development time and operate an independent mall. Through the managed service provided by Clocus, work efficiency has been significantly improved by entrusting the operation and management of infrastructure to experts.

Even if a large-scale event is held, the partner can add 50 servers in just 10 minutes through Auto Scaling, so there is no need to worry too much about establishing a marketing strategy. After the event, the number of servers is reduced again to minimize infrastructure costs and increase the number of servers according to the event. By maximizing sales, we have been able to generate greater profits compared to our investments.

By using RDS, a fully managed database, we can focus on product development instead of time-consuming DB management tasks such as backups, upgrades, software patches, performance improvements, and expansion and contraction.

As the reliability and availability of our services improve, our sales are increasing and we expect further growth in the future.

Increase sales and reduce costs through easy and fast customized shopping mall construction service!

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