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Hago L&F

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Company Overview

HAGO is an e-commerce company that operates a rising fashion platform that connects brands and consumers online and distributes high-quality products online.

It is an online curation platform that showcases products from a wide range of domestic and international fashion and lifestyle, and it operates a funding project that proposes the highest quality to consumers by producing the promised funding quantity.

The Challenge

The customer had been operating a fashion platform in an on-premise environment, but was experiencing difficulties due to the lack of a professional infrastructure manager and lack of proper technical support for infrastructure failures.

If the on-premise environment was maintained, the initial investment to increase users had to be redone, and since the database was configured as IaaS, service interruption was inevitable in the event of a failure. In addition, during large-scale events, problems such as slow response speed and inability to access the site were repeated due to limitations of the existing system, and because database scale up was not possible, problems affecting the entire service due to DB load had to be resolved.

AWS role

The reason customers chose AWS was because it is a cloud platform used by the most e-commerce companies, and the stability and availability of web servers and DB servers were the most important factors, and RDS provides Scale-Up/Down reservation setting functions, making it suitable for large-scale events. This is because it is a cloud platform that can provide stable services.
Since the customer did not have a cloud expert,
the infrastructure configured in the on-premise environment was refactored to optimize it for the cloud environment through professional consulting from a partner.

After setting up the initial development server first, we were able to easily deploy the production server after sufficient testing.

Because availability was not secured in the existing on-premise environment, availability was secured by distributing web servers in the availability zone, and the database used RDS for MySQL, a relational database, to secure fast performance, high availability, and excellent scalability.
For large-scale events, EC2 scale-out was performed, and RDS provided stable services without system load even when the number of concurrent users increased through scale-up. RDS Scale-Up/Down was able to be carried out without problems through the reservation function in the early morning hours when there was no impact on service.

The Benefits

Customers reduced initial investment costs when switching to the cloud, and additionally reduced costs by 20-30% through RI after service stabilization.

During large-scale events, we saved a lot of time by performing RDS Scale-Up in less than 5 minutes, and after the event ended, we were able to pay only for the amount used through Scale-down.

Solution Architect

Kim Shin-young  manager

Shin Ha-rang  manager

Kim Myeong-gyu  manager

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