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Hyundai Motors Group

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Company Overview

Who is Hyundai Motor Group?

Hyundai Motor Group stands as a global automaker, operating in 43 countries as the third-largest automaker worldwide. The company’s overarching missino revolves around enabling “safe and unrestricted mobility for a harmonious life.” Driven by awareness of escalating climate crisis, Hyundai Motor Group has been advancing eletric vehicle technologies. Through its commitment, they aim to promote sustainability and convenience. 

Cloocus collaborated with Hyundai Motor Group to carry a PoC project utilizing Microsoft Azure for electric vehicle battery performance prediction.


What were the painpoints?

Amid the rapid growth of the global electric vehicle market, battery management is also gaining significant attention in the market. As an essential requirement to expand electric vehicle market, battery management is a part of future strategic endeavors. Hyundai Motor unveiled its business roadmap for EV batteries, expanding into services areas such as mobility and connectivity based on data.

This project was to validate the technology and establish business direction for predicting battery lifespan. Through analyzing drivers’ driving data with AI solutions on public cloud, Hyundai Motors wanted to implement driving pattern recommendation system.


How did Cloocus resolve customer’s pain points?


Cloocus utilized Microsoft Azure’s key Data & AI technologies to construct a digital twin platform. By leveraing Azure Databricks, they efficiently analyzed and processed large volumes of electric vehicle driving data. This enhanced client’s work efficiency through automated preprocessing, model training, and other processes, which eventually facilitated project maintenance.

“In this project, a case study was presented where data, AI, machine learning, and public cloud service were integrated into digital twin. This helped us to efficiently manage the critical asset of electric vehicles, the battery. Through buliding this pipeline and as vehicle data continues to flow in, we will persist in enhancing the accuracy of the prediction model and operational efficiency. This, in turn, is anticipated to enable Hyundai Motor’s tailored customer services.”

– Representative from Hyundai Motor Group

Cloocus is a cloud MSP with expertise in Data & AI domain. Being recognized as Microsoft’s Top Partner of Data & AI in 2023 and being the elite partner of Databricks, we hold strong technical specialty in the segment. Based on our expertise, we offer end-to-end services from consulting to managed services to foster our clients’ business growth.

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