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Dankook University

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Dankook University: Data Analytics Use Case on Azure Databricks

Universities these days have become more reliant on tuition fees as a result of a declining school-age population. Consequently, there is a growing demand for systematic financial management rooted in data-driven approaches to efficiently allocating limited resources. Accordingly, organizations are investing in big data analysis, as well as the implementation and utilization of data infrastructure.

Dankook University has been trying to prove itself in response to evolving trends. Under its purview, the Big Data Information Institute at Dankook University has collaborated with Cloocus on a project aimed to consolidate and analyze data that has been fragmented for an extended period. This initiative is part of the university’s endeavor to establish a digital creative campus.

Leveraging Azure Databricks, Cloocus constructed a robust big data analytics platform and deployed a predictive model designed to forecast student enrollment numbers. Cloocus aimed to assist Dankook University restruct its academic framework, facilitating its evolution into a smart campus.

Company Overview

Who is Dankook University?

Dankook University takes the lead in shaping both the current generation and society through innovation. Its commitment to generating knowledge and fostering a rich cultural environment contributes significantly to guiding students toward successful career paths and accomplishments.

The university has earned recognition as a prestigious institution with global competitiveness, largely attributed to the establishment of its digital creative campus, anchored by the ‘Big Data Information Center.’

Dankook University currently offers a range of specialized curricula within the AI and Big Data domains, encompassing key segments such as mobility, security, and semiconductors. These programs are instrumental in nurturing the next generation of IT technology experts.


What were the painpoints of the customer?

Dankook University aimed to create a digital creative campus, predicting new semester enrollments using a decade’s worth of scattered data. This data-driven approach informed academic restructuring and course quality improvements based on admission trends. Additionally, the client sought to establish a data analysis platform, enabling integrated big data utilization within and beyond the campus.

Cloocus won the bid to lead Dankook University’s project, “Implementation of a Big Data-Based Student Prediction Model for Smart Campus,” based on exceptional scores. The project’s objective was to establish an end-to-end pipeline encompassing data analysis and model generation. It aimed to create a cloud-based data analytics ecosystem for future collaborations. Operating within the Azure Databricks framework, Cloocus conducted cohort analysis using Dankook University’s academic data, including enrollment and academic progression, along with AI and ML solutions.


How did Cloocus resolve customer’s pain points?

Cloocus conducted an analysis and pre-processing of Azure Data Lake Storage, aligning it with Dankook University’s extensive big data resources. This involved incorporating the requisite data elements for student enrollment prediction. Following data upload, Azure Databricks was configured to execute pre-processing tasks, ensuring the data’s future management and utilization are convenient and efficient.

Leveraging Databricks AutoML, Cloocus constructed a pipeline to develop predictive models, employing diverse methods and algorithms. This encompassed models built by categorizing data into 94 departments as well as models categorized into 16 colleges. We systematically investigated predictive factors associated with enrollment, conducting numerous experiments with the primary variables configured. Subsequently, we completed the final “enrollment prediction model.” This model served as the foundation for analyzing the interplay between admissions, bachelor’s degrees, and employment at Dankook University, enabling us to enhance the improvement plan.

Utilizing data analysis platforms and AI solutions, Cloocus aimed to assist Dankook University in achieving several objectives. These included the reduction of operational expenditures, the systematic and efficient implementation of data-driven decision-making processes, and the formulation of measures to leverage big data for institutional innovation. To bolster the proficiency of the university’s data managers, Cloocus provided comprehensive training encompassing data collection and storage, BI dashboard operations, and model pipeline training.


Which solutions were utilized?

  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Databricks AutoML
  • Power BI

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