Cloocus Sprint

Cloocus's One-Day Cloud Training Program

A one-day training program where you learn from the basics to advanced use of cloud, smart work, and data visualization tools, with expert coaching so that you can use them immediately in practice.

Cloocus Sprint

Cloocus Sprint covers everything from the basics to the advanced level of Microsoft Azure and Power Platform so that you can use it immediately in practice. This is Clouckus’ unique one-day cloud training program with coaching from professional consultants.

Theoretical Education

About our main solutions Before the hands-on (challenge) with an overview Understanding theoretical concepts

The Challenge (Hands-on)
Existing hands-on process Organized in a challenge format, Program that prepares you for practical work
Consultant Coaching

Training provided by Cloocus’ cloud expert consultants directly lecturing and coaching



A level that can be used immediately in practice Through an advanced educational curriculum independent learning


Planning 1:1 communication with a cloud expert consultant who can immediately resolve questions about the topic


Monthly first-come, first-served registration in progress

Cloocus Sprint enrolls applicants every month on a first-come, first-served basis.
(As it is an offline training, applications may close early.)

Cloocus’ unique combination of core theories and hands-on coaching Apply now for the training program, Cloocus Sprint!

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