Client Story

Volkswagen Group Korea

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Audi Volkswagen Korea has the Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, and Lamborghini sectors, and is contributing to the growth of the Korean imported car market by importing and selling a wide rage of brands.

Cloud Background

Audi Volkswagen Korea was experiencing operational inconvenience due to excessive costs and poor communication of the DMS (Dealer Management System), which is being operated by a Singapore MSP company. So They decided to move the system to the Azure Region of Korea in order to resolve these difficulties.

Used Azure Resources

Azure VM, NSG, DDoS , Azure SQL Database, Application gateway(WAF), Azure VPN(SSL, Site) , Azure Monitoring, Azure Loadbalancer etc.


It has been transferred to Azure Region in Korea, and the professional Azure Management Service provided by Cloocus has provided stable operations and cost savings.

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