ClooOps (CMP)

The optimal tool for efficient use of cloud costs

ClooOps, a Microsoft Azure management tool developed by Cloocus, is a tool that provides 1-2-3 of cloud use, from cloud cost management, cloud monitoring, and service requests. Manage your cloud easily and conveniently with ClooOps.
Billing management
Billing and usage history management, future cost trend analysis
Cloud monitoring
Real-time monitoring of the status of assets and services in use in the cloud
Service Request (SR)
SR agency for questions or errors while using the cloud
Cloud asset management
Identify assets such as servers, storage, and databases in the cloud

01. Billing and usage management

“Using the cloud will be cheaper than using IDC.” There will be many people who have vague expectations. Of course, it can be cheap or expensive, but it is a function that requires an accurate analysis of why it is expensive and can answer questions about what resources should be adjusted if the cost is high.
Cloud usage billing
  • Manage current and past billing history
  • Management by use and proportion
Cost trend analysis
  • Check cost analysis by service on detailed screen
  • Use as statistical data to predict future cost trends

02. Cloud monitoring

In order to use the cloud reliably, you must utilize the powerful monitoring functions supported by the cloud. However, because it is difficult to master the various and complex functions, we provide customers with the functions they need through ClooOps.
Virtual machine monitoring
  • CPU / Memory / Disk / Network for Azure virtual machines
AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) monitoring
  • Cluster information (number of running Nodes/Pods)
  • Performance metrics for Node, Pod (CPU / Memory / Disk)
  • Event logs (KubeEvent, Container log, etc.)

03. Service request

ClooOps is a CMP (Cloud Management Portal) that helps customers use the cloud without any inconvenience. Customers who have a Managed Service contract with Cloocus do not request SR directly, but instead request Cloocus. We will conduct the primary analysis and provide SR on your behalf if there is a problem.
Apply for service
  • If you make a service request (related to inquiries or failures) through ClooOps, Cloocus engineers will handle it first, and if a difficult situation arises, you can request service from Microsoft headquarters.
Check processing process
  • For all service requests, customers can check the progress through the screen.
  • Report provided upon service completion

04. Cloud asset management

All resources used by the customer are the customer’s property. We provide various functions to manage and operate our customers’ valuable assets well.
Check asset status
  • Check the status of assets such as VM, AppService, Storage Account, Network, Application Gateway, and Database that are currently in use in real time
  • Check cloud fee status by subscription, service type, product, and region in real time
Trends in asset use
  • Check cloud fee status by subscription, service type, product, and region in real time
  • Check asset usage status for each detailed service

ClooOps Pricing Policy

  • ClooOps is a service provided to all Cloocus CSP customers.
  • However, SR Management and Monitoring Dashboard are only available to ‘Cloocus Managed Service customers’.

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