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Snowpipe is a game development company and released a game based on a very popular cartoon named Dodge Danpei.

Cloud Background

Used KT Cloud for Closed Beta Test but due to OS, DB, backup management issues and flexible scalable concerns, they invited Azure/Cloocus in the game. They also wanted cost efficiency, Mongo DB vs Cosmos DB performance test, Cloocus’ capability to support online gaming. Cloocus passed all tests and customer decided to migrate to Azure

Used Azure Resources

– Database: SQL Server, Redis Cache, Cosmos DB
– Server: F series VM, LoadBalancer


Cloocus was invited at the last minute just before going into production so had to prove everything in a very short time window (1 month). Cloocus worked full time at customer site, making sure we covered everything from game development, infra set up, tech support, etc. Unlike typical consulting where most of the task is to prove various features and strengths of Azure, or deliver how to on architecture, our cooperation with Snowpipe was primarily based on mutual trust. Cloocus consultants’ knowledge and skills about games were top class and they worked as if they were our employees. Cloocus consultants were extremely helpful with not only Azure but other things such as game server logic and development, which helped Snowpipe team make better decisions for the game service. Cloocus close monitoring helped query tuning and better DB performance and save cost significantly.

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