By developer, for developer. ‘Microsoft AI Tour in Seoul’.

Korean Microsoft is set to host the ‘Microsoft AI Tour in Seoul‘ on the 30th of this month at the aT Center in Yangjae, Seoul, under the theme of ‘Everything about AI for Developers and Engineers.’ The Microsoft AI Tour, initiated last September in New York, USA, under the theme of ‘Realizing Forward-Looking AI Transformation,’ has been touring 14 cities worldwide.

The upcoming Microsoft AI Tour in Korea will be open not only to developers and engineers but also to anyone interested in AI technology. Participants can register for free through the registration page. Various sessions will be available where participants can directly experience and learn about AI technology and features utilizing Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Copilot. Official partner NVIDIA will also provide AI technology content and know-how.

Keynote Session: Next-Generation AI for Developers

Korean Microsoft CEO, Wonwoo Cho, and Scott Hanselman, Corporate Vice President of Developer Community at Microsoft, will deliver a keynote session on ‘Next-Generation AI for Developers.’ In this session, techniques for increasing productivity using Microsoft Azure and Copilot and innovative methods for building AI systems will be introduced.

In particular, Scott Hanselman will share insights into the significance of Korean language models (LLM) and the future direction. He actively contributes to the growth and development of the developer ecosystem by sharing the latest technology trends and Microsoft’s support policies with developers, listening to their opinions, and reflecting them in policies.

Breakout Sessions: Introducing the Latest Generative AI Technologies and Know-How for Developers and Engineers

The breakout sessions will introduce new AI technologies and features, including △new features of generative AI △building AI apps with Copilot in Microsoft Fabric △extending Microsoft 365 Copilot with business apps and data △multi-modal conversational interfaces using GPT and vision AI. Through these sessions, participants can grasp the latest trends and developments in AI technology and acquire the AI technology and know-how necessary for improving user experience and developing innovative solutions.

Workshop Sessions: Practical Exercises for Enhancing AI Skills

Workshop sessions will be conducted in the form of practical exercises to enhance developers’ real-world AI skills. Participants can create their own Copilot using Microsoft Copilot Studio and implement AI solutions for data, machine learning, and Azure OpenAI services using Microsoft Fabric.

Connection Hub: Providing Advice through Face-to-Face Consultations with Experts

The Connection Hub will provide an opportunity for face-to-face consultations with Microsoft product and engineering experts. Participants can meet experts at 16 topic-based booths, receive advice on their projects, and resolve technical issues. Additionally, time will be provided to experience Copilot.

Networking Reception: A Platform for Communication and Exchange in the Developer Community

At the networking reception, speakers, industry leaders, and developers can gather to share knowledge and experiences and find new collaboration opportunities. It is also possible to participate in new communities while sharing insights into IT industry trends and the latest technologies.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has been conducting the ‘AI Odyssey’ initiative since February 8. This campaign targets developers across Asia, including Korea, with a goal of attracting up to 10,000 participants domestically. Participants can learn how to create and deploy AI solutions through Microsoft’s technical challenges and further advance their careers as AI professionals by obtaining Microsoft Application Technology Certifications. Registration for the Asia AI Odyssey Korea is available for free through the Asia AI Odyssey Korea webpage until June 25.

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