Top 10 to try first with Copilot for Microsoft 365

Foundational skills for new users

1. Recap a meeting

let Copilot keep track of key topics and action items so you can stay focused during the meeting and avoid listening to the recording after.

→ Draft an email with notes and action items from meeting

2. Summarize an email thread

get quickly caught up to a long, complex email thread.

→ Click on the Summarize icon

3. Draft email

personalize the tone and length

→ Draft an email to [name] that informs them that Project X is delayed two weeks. Make it short and casual in tone.

4. Summarize a document

get right down to business by summarizing long documents and focusing on the relevant sections.

→ Give me a bulleted list of key points from file

5. Tell me about a topic/project

provide insights and analysis from across multiple sources to get up to speed quickly.

→ Tell me what’s new about topic organized by emails, chats, and files?

6. Give me some ideas for …

boost your creativity with ideas for your work such as agendas, product names, social media posts, etc.

→ Suggest 10 compelling taglines based on file

7. Help me write …

jumpstart creativity and write and edit like a pro by getting a first draft in seconds.

→ Generate three ways to say [x]

8. What did they say

when you vaguely remember someone mentioning a topic, have Copilot do the research.

→ What did person say about topic

9. Revise this content​

when you’ve got a rough draft of an idea, turn it into usable text and then vary the length and tone

→ Rewrite with Copilot

10. Translate a message

with business becoming increasingly international, it’s important to be able to read or write messages in other languages.

→ Translate the following text into French:

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