[Webinar Replay] Generative AI’s A to Z based on Google Cloud


In the era of generative AI, most companies no longer have anywhere to retreat. 
Companies need to properly understand and utilize generative AI to survive.

Bard? Palm2? Gemini?

Chatbot implementation, search engine development, AI code writing, image creation, etc. 
We will teach you how to introduce and utilize generative AI through customer cases from each industry.
We introduce Google Cloud’s generative AI solutions and how to utilize them according to customer trends.


Join Cloocus, a generative AI that will increase your company’s business competitiveness!

Contents | Building an open data platform using BigLake
  • Customer cases of generative AI adoption by major industries
  • Introduction to Google Cloud Generative AI
  • Trends in the use of generative AI by domestic companies and suggestions for introduction
Speaker ㅣCloocus Google Cloud Consultant Jae-woo Choi

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