How to use ChatGPT in marketing and precautions

Marketing professionals are currently using OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot without any restrictions. Marketing leaders need to determine the impact of ChatGPT on their creative, branding, and operations. Even though technology is transforming marketing outside of traditional governance, you must act now to establish policies and controls.

What Marketing Leaders Need to Know About ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT, like other generative AI, is disrupting traditional formulas by making a presence in content creation, ideation, market research, and other labor-intensive marketing.
  • The capabilities of generative AI will have profound implications for talent, budgets, and marketing strategies, and may also raise unprecedented ethical issues.
  • Most organizations will achieve the most transformational benefits by leveraging a tailored model under IT governance with practical use cases in marketing in mind.
  • Some organizations have attempted to limit employee access to ChatGPT. However, since ChatGPT can be used on mobile devices or unmanaged personal computers, these efforts are only dubious.
  • CMOs should quickly list ChatGPT use cases and work with colleagues to establish policies and practical guidelines for responsible use of ChatGPT.
How to use ChatGPT in marketing

ChatGPT is a type of ‘generative AI’ that generates text and images on its own and is a chatbot that was released to the public in December 2022. Your conversations on ChatGPT are not confidential. OpenAI uses and reviews these as samples for compliance and service improvement purposes.

Many employees use ChatGPT for free. Marketing professionals are particularly eager to try out these tools, with 37% saying they have used AI at work.
The following marketing functions are most likely to be impacted by short-term, unsupervised use of ChatGPT:

  • Content Creation

    Vendors like Adobe have been touting their AI capabilities for years to improve creative productivity by eliminating routine tasks. But tools like ChatGPT have raised the bar by making drafts and outlines on par with those of interns or new employees. Beginner-level writing skills are now common. Companies need to identify and evaluate junior employees who can edit and supervise machine-generated marketing copy and proposals. It takes an editor’s ability to go beyond simple drafting and turn generic prose into unique expressions of your brand’s voice and business goals while also catching the odd bits. You need to understand the pros and cons of large-scale language models like ChatGPT and how they affect the user experience.

  • Ideation

    ChatGPT is a powerful tool for creative brainstorming. Our creative directors and staff are rapidly developing new skills in prompt engineering. This means using ChatGPT to learn how to use language to issue prompts and content prompts in chatbot sessions. It articulates and surfaces limitless ideas that can be instantly rendered and refined. This technology will accelerate and expand the scope of creative concepts and challenge traditional branding methodologies by encouraging unexpected and ‘out of the box’ thinking. The generative AI tools for generating text and images are currently different, ChatGPT and Dall-E, respectively, but as OpenAI integrates GPT with DALL-E or other models, it is expected that the two tools will eventually be merged or combined.

  • Market Research

    ChatGPT is good at mimicking personas in virtual interviews. Although you should be careful not to mistake the answers for actual field research results, ChatGPT provides a baseline for testing your hypotheses and methodology, allowing you to clearly refine your survey’s design and focus your research. You can also direct questions to be asked from the persona’s perspective, which can provide insight into key areas of study that may not have been obvious at first.

Talk to your data and AI experts.
Cloocus has a group of experienced Data & AI experts, and we're helping you best to bring in Microsoft's AI technology, which has recently been in the spotlight.
Talk to your data and AI experts.
Cloocus has a group of experienced Data & AI experts, and we're helping you best to bring in Microsoft's AI technology, which has recently been in the spotlight.
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