Microsoft 365 for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) growth

Currently, 11 million small and medium-sized enterprises are achieving more success than ever through Microsoft 365 solutions. Learn more about Microsoft’s new investments to support small and medium-sized enterprises in achieving even greater accomplishments than before.

Preparing to Harness the Power of AI in Business.

Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) are rapidly adopting AI. Companies are using AI-based tools for sales and marketing automation, as well as business operation automation. In fact, a recent survey conducted among 550 companies with less than 200 employees revealed that 72% are familiar with AI tools, and 48% use them on a daily basis.

Last March, Microsoft announced Microsoft 365 Copilot, aiming to revolutionize the way we work and assist businesses in focusing on their most crucial tasks.

Copilot automates everyday tasks, simplifies business workflows, and provides valuable insights to make informed decisions, saving time. It consolidates data from internal documents, presentations, chats, emails, and more, allowing it to be utilized for tasks like drafting email drafts and summarizing meetings. Let’s explore some scenarios that illustrate how Copilot supports small and medium-sized businesses.

Scenario: A clothing store owner asks Copilot for assistance with summarizing morning emails, flagging messages containing customer feedback and supplier concerns, and providing customized draft responses for each inquiry.

The store owner uses Excel to classify sales by type and channel, analyzing profitability and predicting the impact of online inventory growth. They then reformat the data into visual charts to model the effect of inventory fluctuations on the overall business margin.

In an effort to create a business planning overview, the owner utilizes Microsoft Word to extract data from emails and Teams chats, summarizing customer feedback and understanding the benefits of the newly analyzed data regarding online inventory growth.

Next, the owner requests to create a preliminary 2-page project proposal in PowerPoint, based on customer feedback and the earlier analysis, to be shared with key business stakeholders. Then, they utilize Copilot to summarize the information into a single slide.

The owner meets with the retail team to discuss business strategies and requests them to summarize key discussions and opinions and propose action items using Teams. All of these processes take place in real-time during the meeting.

This is just a few examples of how Copilot provides advantages in business. To learn more about AI and Copilot, explore the Microsoft 365 Copilot blog or Worklab: AI – a comprehensive resource on the technology and science of an entirely new way of working.

Use the new Teams Payments app to facilitate successful business transactions and receive payments.

Cost payments for all gatherings hosted on Teams, including appointments, classes, webinars, and more, have become more effortless. Small and medium-sized businesses can now easily manage payments and collect fees within Teams meetings on desktop or mobile devices, thanks to the newly launched Teams Payments app.

We have integrated the core collaboration capabilities of Teams with robust payment features by partnering with leading companies in the payment industry. This inaugural app focuses on fostering the prosperity of small and medium-sized businesses. Through collaborations with GoDaddy, PayPal, Stripe, and others, we aim to support customers in interacting more seamlessly and receiving payments faster, making the payment process easier than ever before.

The Teams Payments app is currently available in preview for businesses registered in the United States and Canada, specifically for Teams Essentials and Microsoft 365 Business subscribers, at no cost, through the Teams Store. Presently, PayPal and Stripe are available as payment options within the app, and GoDaddy will soon be released and made accessible for use.

With Microsoft Loop, think, plan, and create together in an entirely new way from before.

Recently, we have launched a new way called the Loop app, which allows employees to organize all the necessary ideas, links, documents, and more for projects in one place. When starting a new workspace, Loop suggests relevant files to help with a smooth beginning. With a flexible interface, users can arrange their workspace in the way that best suits them.

With Loop, you can avoid confining your work to a single space. You have the flexibility to convert parts of your workspace into portable content called Loop components, which can be synced across Teams, Outlook, Microsoft Whiteboard, or web-based Word, allowing seamless collaboration and teamwork among team members when creating lists, tables, notes, and more in shared locations.

Once Copilot is released, you can soon utilize its capabilities within Loop to brainstorm ideas more effectively. While collaborating with team members, you can easily refer back to previous prompts, add language to refine the output, and edit the generated responses to achieve more personalized and improved results.

The Loop app is available for preview starting today. Enable Loop for your team and start experiencing Microsoft Loop.

Protect your business with security solutions built for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Protecting businesses from constantly evolving cyber threats is of utmost importance, and Microsoft is committed to providing security solutions to support small and medium-sized enterprises in safeguarding themselves against cyber attacks.

Microsoft Defender for Business simplifies mobile device security, providing protection for users against threats like malware and ransomware on iOS and Android without the need for additional features or device management. This ensures that employees can work safely even while on the move.

The addition of monthly security reports provides simplified insights into the security status of the business across IDs, devices, information, and applications. These reports offer recommended actions for improvement, helping bridge gaps and instilling confidence in stakeholders by building trust.

Transform your work style and expand your business with Microsoft 365 innovations, together with Microsoft's three-time consecutive Partner of the Year, Cloocus!
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