Azure IoT

Azure IoT allows Internet of Things (IoT) with sensors and communication functions to easily connect with Azure Cloud to rapidly collect and process massive quantities of data. The service helps to improve your business competitiveness. Azure IoT can operate offline or with intermittent connectivity (IoT Edge) and integrates with your existing business apps (IoT Central).

What is Azure IoT ?

Why Azure IoT ?

Azure IoT is built on decades of Microsoft enterprise experience and is designed to be accessible for all organizations. No matter your industry or the size of your organization, or whether you’re working with a partner or on your own, Azure IoT has all of the devices, tools, data analytics, and security capabilities you need to achieve your IoT goals. With Azure IoT, it is possible to develop more competitive IoT services.

Equipment efficiency

Gain important insights into the performance of mechanical and industrial equipment by attaching sensors and connect individual processes. It can also detect anomalies in the flow of data and detect factors that degrade performance.

Status monitoring

Monitor in real time the important data of each equipment. Prevent equipment failure and develop predictable maintenance programs. It can help and assist in the decision-making process.

Facility management

Optimize energy consumption, space utilization and workforce productivity. Efficiently manage key environmental controls such as heating and lighting to ensure employees’ safety and reduce costs.

Using Azure IoT

To use Azure IoT, you need IoT devices, communication to connect to the internet and desired Azure service after the connection.
With these three things, you can transform your IoT device into a more competitive and smarter one.

IoT Devices

Devices need to be connected to the internet in general and must be able to transfer the collected data from each sensor over the internet. You can connect Azure IoT Hub with some minor modifications to these IoT devices, and it serves to send your data to the cloud quickly, easily and securely.


It supports various protocols such as HTTP, AMPQ, and MQTT to connect devices securely and reliably. Take advantage of Azure IoT Edge even during offline or with intermittent connectivity by adding containers to process data locally on IoT edge devices.

Azure Service

When devices are connected to Azure IoT Hub, data received from these devices can be processed using various Azure services. Azure Service offers not only data storage but also data processing through machine learning and data visualization tools such as Power BI that allows to provide a more visually appealing and intuitive representation of data.

Azure IoT components

Azure IoT Central

Accelerate the creation of IoT solutions, and reduce the burden and cost of IoT management operations and development.

Azure IoT Solution Accelerators

Build customized IoT solutions for any industry vertical by using common use case templates with proven results.

Azure IoT Edge

Create better experiences by moving workloads from the cloud to edge devices.

Azure IoT Hub

Connect, manage, and scale billions of IoT devices from the edge to the cloud.

Azure Digital Twins

Build next-generation IoT spatial intelligence solutions by replicating real physical spaces.

Azure Sphere

Build new devices and connect existing equipment more securely with layered, end-to-end security features.

Azure Time Series Insights

Gain actionable insights for growth by analyzing, storing, and managing all of the data you collect.

Azure Maps

Add spatial analytics, maps, and mobility solutions to your apps with secure-location APIs.