Microsoft Azure

Azure, the largest global infrastructure

Use scalable, reliable and stable Microsoft cloud services to transcend the limits of the on-premise data center. You can use familiar tools and frameworks to implement, manage and use applications on gigantic global networks.

Why must Azure be selected?


Azure provides 100 or more functions in different areas, including end-to-end tools that will successfully lead customers.


It is the only cloud product available on the market that uses a consistent hybrid cloud to enable development and distribution at desired locations.


Use powerful data and AI service to make intelligent applications.

High reliability

Currently, many startups, government agencies and 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure.

Globally proven cloud


Suggesting compliance with regulations


Among Fortune 500 companies


Every month

Global infrastructure

Azure covers more global regions than any other cloud supplier.

Accordingly, it can provide the scalability and data residency necessary for providing application programs closer to users around the world, and full compliance with regulations and resilience options for customers.

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