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Tool to manage your cloud consumption and cost in the most efficient way possible!

Best Cloud Management Tool made specifically for Microsoft Azure Clients

We developed ClooOps, a Microsoft Azure Cloud Management Tool, for clients to individually manage cloud consumption cost, monitor cloud usage, create service requests to receive help with any of the issues that they have and much more. This tool allows our clients to face their cloud usage with ease.

01. Billing and Usage Management

Many believe and expect that when using Cloud, the cost will be less than IDC usage. While that may or may not be true, it is crucial to understand why it is more or less expensive as there can be different solutions to meet your needs. As Cloud Technology is becoming more common, users should understand what they are paying for. This tool will provide those answers for you.

[Billing for Cloud Consumption]

ClooOps provide the ability to view your current billing statement as well as your past statements. Also, it allows users to view their cloud usage.

[Cost Trend Analysis]

Users are able to view cost analysis by service in detail and use it as statistical data to predict the future cost trends.

02. Cloud Monitoring

Users need to take advantage of powerful monitoring capabilities when using cloud technology. However, this is a difficult task as cloud technology is complex and difficult to understand. ClooOps provide the help that users will need to overcome this difficulty.

[Cloud Monitoring]

ClooOps provides a way for users to do a health monitoring check of your assets in the cloud.

[Real-time Monitoring]

ClooOps allows users to monitor the status of their service with great details in real-time. The tool provides a dashboard for real-time analysis using open-source platform, Grafana. (Optional)

03. Service Request

ClooOps is a Cloud Management Portal (CMP) that helps users stay comfortable with cloud usage. If users have any questions or problems while using our services, they can create a service request without any delay. However, if you have a Managed Service with Cloocus, do not create a service request and contact us directly. We will do the primary analysis for you and will act on your behalf if there is a problem.

[Applying for Service Request]

When using cloud, it is very common for users to come across difficulties and to contact their vendors for help. When users make a service request through ClooOps, our engineers will handle the request to find the solution for the user. If problem still exists, this request will be sent to Microsoft for additional help.

[Checking for Service Request Progress]

For all Service Requests, users are able to view the progress on their screen and receive a report upon service completion.

04. Cloud Asset Management

Cloud is not owned by Microsoft. The resources that users use from cloud are user’s assets. We provide various functions and solutions to manage and operate on user’s valuable assets.

[Asset Status]

Users can check the asset status of the server, storage, databases and etc of the cloud users use in real-time.

[Change in Asset Use]

Users can check the usage trend of cloud assets on the screen and measure the cost budget of usage increases and decreases.

05. Pricing

ClooOps is provided at no additional charge to all Cloocus CSP customer.
SR Management and Monitoring Dashboard are available only to ‘Cloocus Managed Service Customers’.

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