Data & AI

Analyzing data to make critical business decisions is important. All you need is just data.
The Cloocus Data Analytics Group, made up of three professional teams below, offers the most effective way to utilize data for your business.

At any stage of the cloud journey, Cloocus has the experience and expertise to turn your business better.

Start innovation now with Cloocus and data-driven decision-making organizations!

Customer Challenges

Data Challenges

  • Want to strategically place and process large amounts of data in real time?
  • Want to improve performance in collecting, extracting and purifying large values of data?

Processing Challenges

  • Want to visualize your analysis in a mobile, webpage dashboard?
  • Looking for AI APIs for image recognition, voice, and image analysis?

Management Challenges

  • Do you want to apply strategic big data technology through cloud technology for rapid market changes?
  • Do you want to analyze forecasts for the future as well as statistical reports?

Key Services

Cloocus Data Analytics Group Intro

Cloocus operates three professional data teams and provides you the most effective data utilization options for your business.

Data Engineer

Provides database solutions.

  • Database tuning
  • Database operational management and trouble shooting
  • Data migration (Cloud/Heterogeneous)

Data Platform

Provides design and deployment of all cloud data platforms.

  • AS-IS Cloud environment architecture design
  • Data environment operation and management
  • Data environment migration (RDBMS/NoSQL, DW/Spark, etc)
  • Customized PaaS offerings

Data Analytics

Provides AI-based customized data analysis, model development, and visualization.

  • Data collection and preprocessing (real-time, analytical data processing)
  • Model development (algorithm; time series, classification, prediction, etc)
  • Visualizing analysis results (dashboards, reports)
  • Extract Insight (Suggestion)

Cloocus Data Analytics Platform (DAaaS) Configuration

Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) provides analytics experiences, regardless of cloud vendors, and provides one-stop approaches to data analytics platforms from data collection to storage to processing to infrastructure.

Cloocus Data Analytics Platform (DAaaS) Differences

It provides fast and accurate data analytics services based on the utilization of various types of databases, including open source, and 3rd party data solutions such as Databricks and SparkBeyond.