Cloud Consulting

A structured framework provides a step-by-step customized cloud strategy for all businesses.
Discovery Workshop

By understanding the current IT operation system and understanding customer requirements and introducing advanced cases, we will present a suitable cloud roadmap for your company.

AS-IS Assessment

With Cloocus’s “Analytical Report”,you can accurately diagnose your internal IT operating system and establish strategic grounds for cloud deployment.

ISP Consulting

We can help you build confidence and risk for your enterprise and help you focus on your core business.

Consulting Service

#1. Discovery Workshop

Deciding to migrate from an existing legacy environment to the cloud is not an easy choice.

Take advantage of the Discovery Workshop Program, the first step for a successful migration project.
Our professional consultants with Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certifications will visit your company to provide you with a cloud roadmap for your IT operation system and needs.


· Identify current IT operation system
· Understand customer requirements
· Introduction to methodology and advanced case studies
· Cloud roadmap proposal
Consulting Service

#2. AS-IS Assessment

We are proposing the most appropriate cloud solution to optimize the customer’s business environment and advancement, operation plan for customers, and budget.

To evaluate and analyze the IT platform environment in terms of technical aspects of your business processes and to apply the Microsoft Azure platform.
We work with your IT team on practical factors to propose an optimized migration plan that is both operational and cost-effective.

Status Analysis
Optimal application review and calculation
Security, Network Review
Review the relevant success based case
Business Analysis
Feasibility Analysis when adopting cloud
Review the need for upgrading
ROI analysis
Review business intelligence enforcement
Strategy Development
A specific migration architecture proposal for the cloud model
Establishment of short and long term introduction
Infrastructure operation management authority, policy establishment
TCO (total operating cost calculation)
Estimate cloud environment specifications
TCO calculation
Expense and duration Prior consultation required
Provided “Analysis Report”
Consulting Service

#3. ISP Consulting Service

We can help you build confidence and risk for your enterprise and help you focus on your core business.
The Cloocus Enterprise Support Consulting Service proposes a process to increase efficiency and remove risk to focus on your core business in the cloud environment.

● Defining the scope of diagnosing and analyzing IT infrastructure

  • IT infrastructure survey
  • IT asset analysis
  • WEB/WAS task analysis
  • DBMS and data analysis
  • Application analysis
  • Solution diagnosis and analysis
  • Batch processing analysis
  • Backup policy analysis

● Analyzing the needs for cloud migration
● Identifying work and related organization
● Analyzing architecture change history

● Business goals and organizational goals
● Identifying platform requirements
● Analyzing business complexity
● Defining cloud architecture

  • Strategy setting for enterprise cloud
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Application Architecture
  • Network Architecture
  • Security Architecture

● Setting up cloud roadmap
● Planning on how to migrate organizations and people
● Sizing cloud & cost analysis and forecasting
● Taking into account restrictions and considerations for cloud migration
● Contingency planning

● Analyzing and prioritizing what needs to migrate to cloud business
● Considering cloud options suitable for business migration
● Evaluating applications that will be migrated to cloud
● Identifying data structure that will be migrated to cloud
● Developing and prioritizing design goals

  • Cloud Compute
  • Cloud Network
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Application
  • Cloud Security

● Identifying application dependency tree

● Defining principles on how to design private and public clouds and reviewing applied technologies
● Designing the structure of to-be cloud
● Compute, Storage, Network
● Reviewing to-be structure
● Defining cloud-native applications (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
● Proof of Cloud Concept
● Deciding on how to manage IT services
● Defining cloud service catalog, SLA and KPI

● Setting up mid- to long-term implementation strategy
● Setting up a phased implementation plan
● Stabilizing and transferring operation
● Preparing for cloud infrastructure
● Cloud Risk Management plan & Policies
● Security & Compliance Plan and Processes
● Setting up an implementation strategy including people migration
● Proceeding with TEST/DEV migration

  • Testing WEB/WAS application migration
  • Testing batch processing

● Proceeding with production migration
● Monitoring and analyzing performance