Resource Monitoring

Resource monitoring is a tool for monitoring the resources operating in Azure. If Azure Monitor is utilized, it will be possible to check the operating status of resources based on information about various metrics, and if necessary, monitor them by visualizing them as graphs. Also, as it provides detailed analysis tools depending on the targets to be monitored, it can gain insight into application programs, networks, virtual machines and containers.

Why Azure Monitor?

If Azure Monitor is used, it will be possible to not only monitor all the resources operating on the Azure platform, but also aggregate the operating logs of the resources with Log Analytics for integrated management. It is possible to easily get statistics by interworking the collected logs with analysis tools, generate alarms, and introduce the automation function to make the method of operating the Azure platform more efficiently.

Monitoring Azure resources that are expressed as graphs
Supporting automation of Azure resource operations
Integrated analysis of Azure resource operation logs
Gaining insight through various analysis tools

[Implementing integrated monitoring]

Log collection

Collecting Azure platform logs in stages
Logs are tallied in Log Analytics and turned into statistical data.

Monitoring and alarm

Using solutions for different uses of analysis to express the logs in graphs and charts
Sending alarms via mail and SMS according to the user policy

[Azure Monitor log management]

[Azure Monitor statistical analysis]

Azure Monitor’s scope of log collection


Diagnostic setting function (Diagnostic Logs)

It can collect not only the operating status of Azure resources but also detailed logs of operations. For virtual machines, OS events are collected, and for network security groups, detailed logs of network traffic are collected.

Log filtering function (Logs)

Collected logs will be filtered through the Logs function, and desired results can be extracted. Also, it is possible to create graphs with the values of extracted results, make alarms, activate the trigger and implement automation.

Alarm generation function (Action group)

It is possible to group resource operators and receive alarms via e-mail and text messages in the case of certain events.

Azure monitor overview