Big Data & Analytics

Maximize the value of your data with cloocus`s Big Data Cloud Service.

Cloocus offer the roadmap for the entire design and build architecture of Big Data to meet your business needs along with our Big Data specialist partner.

Get started now with a proven Azure framework for large data solutions including the latest architecture!

Customer Challenges

Data Challenges

  • Want to strategically place and process large amounts of data in real time?
  • Want to improve performance in collecting, extracting and purifying large volues of data?

Processing Challenges

  • Want to visualize your analysis in a mobile, webpage dashboard?
  • Looking for AI APIs for image recognition, voice, and image analysis?

Management Challenges

  • Do you want to apply strategic big data technology through cloud technology for rapid market changes?
  • Do you want to analyze forecasts for the future as well as statistical reports?

Cloocus Big Data Service

01. Data Cloud Architecture Suggestions and Initiatives
  • Cloud architecture conception through customer’s analysis needs and source data capacity and shape
  • Performance test for building analysis platform through PoC
02. Build data analysis platform
  • Build and develop an ETL pipeline platform for real-time and batch processing types
  • Develop applications for data refinement and transformation
03. Data analysis modeling development
  • Data mining for data aggregation and statistical analysis
  • Experiment fo machine learning model development through learning/analysis
04. Distribute analytical models
  • Deploying models through IoT, Web Services and Containers
  • Provide REST API for model use
05. Visualization Development
  • Providing and developing business intelligence visualization tools

Data & AI Pipeline on Azure

Collect + Ingest

Event Hubs

Data Factory

Service Bus

Event Grid

Store / Manage

Data Lake Storage

SQL Data Warehouse

Azure Blob Storage



Azure Databricks

Machine Learning Service


Dashboards and

Power BI Mobile

Power BI Desktop



Cognitive Service

Computer Vision API

Text Analytics API

Face API

Language Understating API