Nerdio Manager for WVD

Working from home has never been easier - WVD Quick Start

Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop quickly and securely with Nerdio Manager for WVD!

Why Nerdio Manager for WVD?

Due to Covid-19, businesses need a way to quickly and securely provide a remote environment to keep business Continuity. WVD, a cloud-based virtual desktop and app virtualization service provided by Microsoft, can be deployed faster and more securely with Nerdio Manager. Nerdio Manager provides deployment and management of WVDs as a simple UI on its own administrator page and VM management with specialized auto-scaling capabilities, enabling dramatic cost savings.

WVD + Nerdio Manager

Perfect WVD environment
Deploy a complete WVD environment in an afternoon without any PoweShell scripting
Reduce VM costs
Save money with advanced autoscaling and unified image management
Help Desk
Enable your help desk to manage all aspects of WVD with a powerful and intuitive portal

What Makes Nerdio Manager for WVD Different?

Only “WVD Native”, Enterprise-grade solution that addresses data residency, compliance and security requirements
Can be layered on top of existing WVD deployments non-distruptively
Zero lock-in. Remove without any impact on users and infrastructure
Azure Marketplace deployment and billing – no procurement process
Autoscaling – schedule and event driven
Desktop Image creation, import, and management
Named and concurrent users pricing model
Lowest cost solution

Configured & Managed by Azure Expert MSP, Cloocus

Azure pre-requisites and Landing Zone verification to support WVD
Azure Experts to verify and support the integration needs between Azure AD, Azure, WVD, Nerdio, and other configurations
Azure architecture, engineering and advisory

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