[Webinar Replay] Power Platform and Dynamics 365 as examples of manufacturing

These days, many companies, no matter how well-established their business systems are , are facing new challenges due to ongoing changes.

Business systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) require change management in line with rapidly changing trends and may incur excessive maintenance costs. 

In particular, with the recent introduction of generative AI such as Copilot , interest in Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 is growing . We would like to explain how to automate complex business systems and achieve efficient management and operation by introducing manufacturing customer cases. 

This webinar introduces a case of a domestic manufacturer building an automated, integrated work platform using Microsoft Power Platform and Dynmaics 365. Through changes in business systems, business outcomes such as flexible operation management and cost reduction can be achieved.

Contents | Power Platform and Dynamics 365 through manufacturing examples
  • Project background of manufacturing company C
  • Challenges of manufacturing company C
  • Project goal of manufacturing company C
  • Manufacturing Company C Project Results & Learning
Speaker ㅣCloocus Customer Experience Center Director Jeong Tae-eui

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