[Press] Cloocus Achieves Google Cloud Data Analytics Specialization

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Seoul, South Korea, Nov 23rd, 2023 – Cloocus, a leading Data and AI-based cloud experts group, announced today that it has achieved the Data Analytics – Service Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. This is the 2nd professional qualification obtained by Cloocus following last year`s infrastructure Specialization.

The specialization from Google Cloud is one of the highest levels of technical certification a partner can achieve. Cloocus has demonstrated its expertise with customer success stories and professional data engineering qualifications, particularly in the areas of data collection, preparation, storage, and analysis using Google Cloud technologies. The company has been recognized for its high technical skills in Google Cloud-based data warehousing services, especially using BigQuery, Looker, and Data Catalog.

Focusing on machine learning and AI solutions, Cloocus offers services utilizing Google Cloud`s BigQuery and emphasizes meeting the data warehouse construction and business intelligence requirements of its clients. Recently, it successfully executed a project to build a data analysis platform for a domestic manufacturing and logistics company using Google Cloud`s BigQuery, thereby proving its differentiated cloud-based data and AI technology capabilities.

For effective utilization of data and AI by enterprise, a comprehensive approach to the latest data and AI technology strategies is essential. Deep understanding of the technologies, use cases, and concepts is required for successful project execution. Cloocus has been supporting enterprises in transforming vast amounts of data into valuable insights with its strong technical capabilities.

“Cloocus is establishing itself as a leading company in providing Google Cloud services, and this certification is externally recognized result of our efforts in data and AI technology expertise. We will continue to provide cloud services that shorten the value creation time for our customers based on the latest technology trends, including Gen AI such as Google Cloud Vertex AI, and proven best practices applicable across various industries.” said Steve Hong, the CEO of Cloocus.

Kim Kyung-bae, Head of Partner Business in Korea at Google Cloud, emphasized, “Google Cloud`s data analysis solution is an essential tool for the business growth of enterprise customers. He expressed his expectation that “Cloocus`s achievement in data analysis specialization will contribute to meeting the diverse needs of domestic enterprise customers.”

Cloocus is a leading cloud MSP in South Korea with strengths in cloud-based data and AI. It offers the most efficient and optimized cloud services to its clients, expanding its global cloud service experience. Based in Seoul, Cloocus operates domestic offices in Busan and international offices in New York, USA and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a leading cloud MSP in East Asia, it is accelerating it expansion into global services.

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