Microsoft Cloud, Data, and AI Utilization Cases Across Industries

Over the past decade, Microsoft has been on a journey with our customers, enhancing digital transformation through cloud technology. With the growing interest in generative AI, organizational leaders are prioritizing choices that leverage the ripple effects of AI transformation. At Microsoft, we collaborate with our customers to practically assess and develop responsible and secure AI strategies, focusing on achieving desired business outcomes. Through our distinctive copilot technology, customers can harness the advanced capabilities of the latest generative AI. They gain confidence in building on the most integrated, comprehensive, and trustworthy cloud. From the ISV industry to digital natives, encompassing various industries that may seem perplexing, our outstanding ecosystem with partners who have no equal globally is developing generative AI solutions. This ecosystem expands opportunities for organizations worldwide, promoting productivity and innovation.

Organizations such as 3M, Prada Group, and Campari have directly tested the copilot capabilities of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. Meanwhile, General Motors, Visa, and various other companies are part of the Microsoft 365 Copilot Early Access Program. Through collaboration with IBM, the Azure OpenAI service is accelerating the deployment of generative AI, and an extended partnership with Oracle is providing Azure cloud services to thousands of organizations, including PepsiCo, Vodafone, and Voya Financial. In order to empower employees across 34 countries, Grupo Bimbo developed an integrated copilot over a span of two weeks. This solution not only saves time when employees inquire about company policies but also helps prevent non-compliance. All of Microsoft’s AI-powered copilots extend intellectual property and legal protection to enterprise customers using these services through the Copilot Copyright Commitments, built upon the foundation of our AI Customer Commitments.

Healthcare: Focus on patient management and support through secure data automation and education
  • Mercy: Utilizing Microsoft Azure’s AI-based intelligent data platform to securely centralize data, enabling patients to efficiently schedule appointments and better understand lab results through the use of generative AI.

  • Mayo Clinic: Alleviating management demands through Microsoft 365 Copilot, allowing healthcare providers to concentrate on patient care.

  • Duke Health: Ethically and responsibly reshaping the healthcare environment through Microsoft generative AI and Cloud.

  • AXA: Connecting hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical technology solutions, and insurers to provide patients with trustworthy and accurate health information, protecting sensitive health data through Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

  • Paige: Collaborating with Microsoft to build the world’s largest image-based artificial intelligence for innovative patient treatment, enhancing accuracy in cancer detection.

Government, Education, and Nonprofit Organizations: Expanding social impact and supporting cost savings through data and AI
  • Project Gutenberg: Enhancing accessibility of e-books for visually impaired individuals and reducing volunteer labor by utilizing Azure AI and Microsoft Fabric’s text-to-speech functionality.

  • New York City Public Schools: Developing a secure and tailored AI-assisted teaching aid on Azure OpenAI to provide real-time Q&A, feedback, and personalized support.

  • Aberdeen City Council: Improving accessibility to social welfare data for workers to provide faster and more accurate services to vulnerable populations, resulting in annual cost savings of over $2 million.

Finance: Providing AI capabilities for effective and personalized interactions
  • Vontobel: Enhancing programming and data analysis productivity through Azure OpenAI and providing swift issue resolution support with intelligent and context-aware customer interactions.

  • Emirates NBD: Utilizing Microsoft 365 Copilot to automate repetitive tasks and content creation for employees.

  • CWallet: Emphasizing easier financial services in Qatar, building a secure and compliant fintech platform on Azure, with anticipated savings of $1 million and exploration of AI features to simplify customer transactions.

Manufacturing: Providing AI-based data and insights, improving customer support, and streamlining complex operations
  • Xiaomi: Collaborating with Power Virtual Agents to efficiently handle customer queries, developing AI service bots, and using Azure Translator for rapid generation of product manuals in multiple languages.

  • Epiroc: Building a scalable AI platform on Azure, ensuring consistency in product quality and efficiency improvement through automation of complex processes, supporting waste reduction.

  • Arvind: Leveraging integrated AI features in Microsoft Power Apps to achieve a 90% reduction in sampling errors, a 70% reduction in production errors, and a 30% reduction in order processing time.

Etcetera: Enhancing employee productivity and strengthening specialized service AI solutions
  • Lumen Technologies: Improving accessibility of repair manuals for the customer service team through Microsoft 365 Copilot, supporting summarization of actionable steps in sales and customer communication.

  • Jacobs Solutions: Integrating Microsoft Fabric and an End-to-End platform for seamless data management and advanced AI capabilities, facilitating easy access to and sharing of high-quality data.

  • INSPIRE Environmental: Utilizing Azure AI and machine learning for cost and time savings in the analysis of complex marine data images.

  • Orca Security: Reducing customer response time and meeting compliance regulations through Azure OpenAI, enhancing data security.

  • Amadeus: Leveraging a proprietary conversational assistant through collaboration with Microsoft and Accenture, supporting customer travel logistics, and developing plugins for Microsoft 365 Copilot.

  • Elastic: Combining context in real documents and internal company knowledge through Azure-based cloud solutions, providing more focused search query responses to customers.

  • DeepBrain AI: Shortening chatbot development time and manual processes through Azure OpenAI and Azure Cognitive Services, improving language understanding and translation capabilities.

Today, we have a collective opportunity to address the most significant challenges faced by institutions, industries, and society by harnessing the power of generative AI. Microsoft is actively applying and innovating with generative AI to meet the most urgent business needs of our customers and collaborative partners. From responsibly and securely developing products to the way we communicate with customers and collaborative partners, Microsoft takes pride in the trust built throughout the entire process. If you are looking to leverage collaborative capabilities through Microsoft Cloud, engage in partnerships for industry-specific cloud and AI solutions, and co-innovate and develop customized solutions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Cloocus looks forward to embarking on a journey with you to accelerate AI transformation with Microsoft.

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