The enhanced Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Microsoft has announced that it will be delivering new and enhanced features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform from October 2023 to March 2024. The release wave introduces hundreds of new features across the Microsoft Power Platform applications, including enhancements for governance, administration, and professional development. Updates for Dynamics 365 include innovations aimed at increasing employee productivity, creating exceptional customer experiences, deepening relationships, and driving meaningful growth across the business. Additionally, this update features new AI capabilities in Copilot, which have been experienced by over 130,000 organizations, helping to enhance insights, save time, and boost creativity across Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.

1. The New Era of AI-Based Customer Service and Field Services

The new Copilot features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service not only help reduce time spent on common tasks but also introduce enhanced capabilities to the customer service workspace. The updates include improved inbox functionality, a redesigned voice experience, enhanced collaboration through Microsoft Teams, and integrated diagnostics for administrators—all aimed at boosting agent productivity and operational efficiency.


customers like Northern Trust Corporation, a major asset management institution, have disclosed how they use Copilot to support their customer service teams in various tasks, from account reviews and case investigations to post-resolution wrap-ups. Northern Trust Corporation is recognized not only for its innovative financial services but also for its unwavering dedication to customer service. With the latest features, it is anticipated that the client service teams at Northern Trust can operate even more efficiently, effectively, and customer-focused, streamlining their workflow and enhancing their ability to provide timely and accurate support to clients.

2. ERP Innovation Through Artificial Intelligence

The new updates leverage AI, automation, and analytics to support organizations in enhancing operational efficiency across finance, supply chain, and overall operations. This includes features that improve visibility, automate processes, expand capabilities, and provide a more integrated experience across the entire organization.


In the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance update, there is general availability of extended planning and analysis by integrating operational and financial planning for continuous planning, execution, and analysis. Additionally, the general availability of business performance analytics centralizes data from multiple business processes into a user-friendly interface, simplifying financial reporting.


The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management update includes improvements to demand planning and procure-to-pay processes. Copilot now suggests actions for purchasing agents to make better decisions in response to new and updated information impacting open purchase orders.


Domino’s Pizza UK and Ireland showcased how they use AI to enhance demand planning accuracy. These new features significantly improved their capacity to plan food requirements accurately, reduce food waste, and enhance environmental sustainability through more efficient facility operations. Moreover, thanks to Copilot, the purchase order fulfillment process has noticeably improved.

3. Enhancing Customer Experience Through AI-Based Innovation

Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, and Copilot enables the harnessing of hidden data and insights, accessing previously unavailable features, and reaching new levels of productivity and collaboration.


In the latest updates, marketing professionals and sales experts can use Copilot to deepen their understanding of target customer bases, streamline engagement processes, and go beyond the limits of creating exceptional customer experiences.


A notable case is that of Kodak Alaris, a global technology company, effectively utilizing Copilot within Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Insights. Leveraging new AI capabilities, they tapped into previously concealed data to target customer bases and unlock features that were once inaccessible. By using Copilot to create unique personalized content, they effortlessly provided customers with information about their services, building a new level of productivity and customer engagement. This approach attracted an entirely different and new business compared to before.

4. Leading a New Era of AI-Based Low-Code App Development Through Microsoft Power Platform

Copilot in the Power Platform opens a new era of AI-assisted low-code app development. With Copilot features, creating solutions becomes easier and faster.


Through the example of Suffolk, one of the largest construction companies in the United States, it is evident that Microsoft Power Automate has streamlined crucial material request processes. The team used Copilot in Power Automate to describe their needs, facilitating the building of flows. Suffolk promoted efficient coordination of construction status updates using Microsoft Power Apps, reduced manual inquiries by utilizing the generated response feature in Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, and enhanced collaboration with various partners in construction projects through Microsoft Power Pages. Additionally, Suffolk visualized safety data from construction sites worldwide using Microsoft Power BI, emphasizing trends, causes, and outcomes of incidents and near misses to prevent them.


Beyond improving daily business operations, Copilot within the Microsoft Power Platform significantly accelerated the development of these applications by greatly enhancing governance and management experiences.




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