Super-sized AI hyperclova drives 200% work efficiency

Hyundai Department Store established the industry’s first HyperCLOVA-based AI copywriting system ‘Lewis’ and actively used marketing phrases such as copies and promotional event introductions to achieve 200% work efficiency.

Lewis was developed by Hyundai IT&E itself through Clova Studio, a no-code development tool that combines Naver Cloud’s super-sized AI language model “Hyper Clova” and was applied to Hyundai Department Store in March 2023.

An invitation size AI language model that represents Korean language model

I used Naver’s HyperCLOVA model because I needed a super-sized AI that could provide copywriters like using advertising phrases, not translation speech. This is because it was a learning model that understands Korean well and provides it naturally without being awkward. In particular, by learning 6,500 times more Korean data than Open AI’s GPT-3, you can understand and generate Korean sentences and contexts most naturally.

Fine writing is possible

It’s not hard because it’s a copy of AI. You can understand and create sentences and contexts like a person, enabling emotional and creative writing work for the target age group.

Lewis developed the concept of a young man in his 20s who loves literature and is interested in marketing trends, and after learning 10,000 pieces of data that Hyundai Department Store has received from advertising copies and promotional phrases over the past three years, he can create marketing phrases in 10 seconds.

Copying hours are reduced from an average of two weeks to three hours.

The background of Lewis’s development was also intended to streamline copywriting. The existing advertisement writing work usually took about two weeks, including delivery of planning intentions and communication with external copywriters, but since the use of “Lewis,” it has been reduced from about two weeks to three hours, greatly improving work efficiency.

In addition, AI copywriting reduces the time spent in the business, enables employees to focus on more creative tasks, and delivers messages more consistently. Hyundai Department Store plans to develop additional e-commerce (e-commerce) versions optimized for creating marketing phrases such as banner advertisements and product introduction pages in the future and expand them to group affiliates.

If you have any questions about introducing Clova Studio, a no-code AI development tool that combines the super-sized AI language model "Hyper Clova" and AI technology, please contact Naver Cloud Premium Partner Cloocus!
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