The generative AI trends analyzed by Gartner

The business value of Generative AI

Gartner has revealed that 35% of Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) are expected to establish Generative AI operation teams within their Go-To-Market (GTM) organizations by 2025. This move is driven by the potential of Generative AI to enable the creation and activation of buyer-centric messages and content.

The faster and deeper insights generated by AI accelerate the GTM teams’ ability to create buyer-centric content and adapt to the market dynamics, ultimately improving trust in sales decision-making and enhancing end-to-end revenue outcomes.

According to Gartner’s sales representative time-spent evaluation conducted in May 2023 with 1,204 sellers, the current sales representatives spend 52% of their time creating and delivering value messages throughout the sales process. However, by harnessing the power of Generative AI for buyer-centric and valuable messaging and content, sellers can significantly reduce the time taken to produce and distribute high-quality content.

“Sellers bear a significant burden to deliver personalized value stories to every buyer in their pipeline. When Generative AI is creatively and strategically integrated with sellers’ ingenuity and compelling data, frontline sellers can rapidly create better buyer messages.”

– Gartner Sales Practice’ Senior Director Analyst : Dan Gottlieb 

The forefront of Generative AI deployment

At the forefront of Generative AI deployment, there are internal authors responsible for messaging strategists or messaging program design. Their roles include fine-tuning the Generative AI models and maintaining content curation policies. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 45% of B2B revenue organizations will list ‘Agile Engineering’ as a required skill in the job description for messaging strategists.

“By adopting generative value messaging, CROs can enhance sales activities for revenue growth and promote resource efficiency by reducing sales costs. Additionally, they can produce a greater volume of customized content without constraints, which was previously only achievable through human effort.”

-Gartner Sales Practice’ Senior Director Analyst : Dan Gottlieb

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