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Big data is a technology for extracting values from large structured or even the data including unstructured data sets, not in the form of a database, which are beyond the capabilities of existing database management tools, and analyzing the results. If the Azure Big Data Solution is used, it will help collect, refine and analyze large data with the most effective architecture.

What is Big Data?

An unprecedented variety of big data is collected faster. The hidden insight of data is discovered using the big data collection, refinement and analytics technology. It can also be extended to new services.

Why Big Data?

Flexible data collection and refinement

Big data can be flexibly applied to various scenarios that are processed. It is possible to quickly collect and refine real-time data, e.g., record data (already collected and stored data), IoT, streaming service and social media.

Predictive analytics utilizing machine learning

It is possible to not only look at past data, but also utilize machine learning service that can predict the next stage.

Insight through visualization

It is analysis and a report that uses big data to understand business in real time. It is possible to make quick decisions and gain insight by monitoring data processing activities.

Technologies necessary for supporting big data

Only data is necessary.

Azure Big Data

Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks is an analytics service based on Apache Spark, quick and easy joint work. It is possible to design the big data pipeline, collect data effectively, and use machine learning to conduct predictive analytics.

Azure Datalake Storage

It is storage exclusively for big data. It is designed to provide several petabytes of data service while supporting various big data open source platforms and maintaining hundreds of gigabits of throughput.

Azure HDInsight

HDInsight also supports a wide range of scenarios like the extract, transform and load (ETL) process, data warehousing, machine learning and IoT, and easily clusters Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and Hbase, popular big data open source frameworks.