Using AI & ML for Continuous Business Improvement

You may ask yourself, does Machine Learning contribute to creating sustainable revenue?
Our Azure Cloud consultants can help you find a solution that can improve profitability and customer satisfaction.
We provide consultancy for your business to adopt Microsoft Azure AI services, and help preparing the best environment to build models.

What is ML & AI?

Machine learning is a data science technology that uses existing data on a computer to predict future behavior, outcomes and trends.
The process includes: Data pre-processing, training and testing, building and deploying models.

① Prepare Data

② Train Model

③ Package Model

④ Validate Model

⑤ Deploy Model

⑥ Monitor Model

Why ML & AI ?

It is possible to develop more competitive AI services through the machine learning prediction and classification algorithm, not just by checking past data results, to support your company’s rapid business decision making.

Data mining

It is possible to search data for patterns and relationships, understand emotions and extract core syntaxes, and gain insight hidden in all contents, such as documents, images and media.

Cognitive services

It is possible to use AI algorithms, such as named-entity recognition(visual), voice recognition, language and emotion analysis, to apply cognitive services to current services.

Prediction service

It is possible to provide the desired prediction service through the development of the machine learning algorithm by applying it to several scenarios like IoT device problem detection, card company delinquency prediction and abnormal server traffic pattern detection.

Good examples of Azure ML and Azure Cognitive Service (AI)

We develop more competitive artificial intelligence services through machine learning prediction and classification algorithms, not just checking past data results, to support your company’s rapid business decision making.

Face recognition, Facial emotion recognition

: Azure Cognitive Face API

Detect potentially offensive or unwanted content (image and text) and filtering

: Azure Content Moderator API

Monitoring business metrics in real-time

: Anomaly Detector API or Power BI and Analytics consulting services

Automatically extract advanced metadata (spoken words, written text, faces, speakers) from video content

: Azure Cognitive Video Indexer API

Chatbot with Machine Learning

: Language Understanding or Azure Bot Service

Analytics platform suitable for each business environment such as brand targeting analysis and demand forecasting

: Azure Machine Learning engine