Managed Services

In the age of the cloud, it is more efficient to outsource complex IT infrastructure operations to a specialist with IT expertise and have them take care of introduction, operation and maintenance for systematically operating the cloud rather than having IT professionals in the company.

Advantages of Cloud Managed Services

The cloud managed services will enable corporations to concentrate on their core businesses, boost their business efficiency,
quickly secure market competitiveness, improve operational stability and efficiency, and optimize operating costs.

Comparison with the direct operating method

Compared to direct cloud operations, in the managed services method, from the viewpoint of costs, the cost of cloud training for operating manpower, the cost of securing experts, the risk management cost for security and stable operations and the cost of redundant investments in IT resources are integrated into the managed services cost.

Also, regarding technical aspects, it will be possible to respond to technical changes more quickly and easily by using the group of cloud technology experts rather than securing and operating technology experts in the vast and wide area of cloud computing.

Cost aspects

Direct operation
  • Change management cost
    · Existing manpower training cost
    · Cost of securing new experts
    · Organization management cost
  • Risk management cost (security, stable operation, failover, etc.)
  • Cloud resource management cost, etc.
Cloud managed services
  • Managed services cost

Technical aspects

Direct operation
  • Technical experts in each cloud area are necessary
    (OS, Network, middleware, DB, monitoring, migration, etc.)
  • Training about technical changes is required
Cloud managed services
  • Securing technical change competitiveness by securing prepared cloud professionals

Features of managed services

Cloocus is capitalizing on its many years of experience and technology stacks with enterprise products to support the optimized management of the customers’ cloud IT environments.
  • Technical support department specializing in Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Rich maintenance experience in enterprise IT infrastructure, e.g., middleware and database
  • Operations in the optimized system environment supported through constant monitoring
  • Helpdesk and experts in each area of cloud systems providing exclusive technical support
  • Details of services by level

    • Various support services, e.g., cloud management, infrastructure management, monitoring, operating service, security and cost management, differentiated by level, i.e., Silver, Gold and Platinum, will be provided.
    • By default, all levels include technical support out of business hours and emergency failover, and customers with platinum level will receive 24/7 technical support.
    • To become a platinum level, your cloud system needs to be redundant.
    Gold (Including Silver)
    Platinum (Including Gold)
    General Support
    8H x 5D tech support (Related doc. or links)
    Monthly report (Performance, Failures, History)
    8H x 7D failures support
    Dedicated consultants
    Tech reports (6/year)³
    Monthly report (Performance, Failures, History)
    24H x 7D failures support
    System optimization guide
    Tech reports (12/year)³
    Cloud advisory and consulting
    Optimization report (If necessary)
    Azure SR(Service Request) open
    Response by severity (within 8/12/24H)
    Provision of a new deployment architecture (1 time)
    Event management (Maintenance)
    Response by severity (within 1/2/4H)
    Failure analysis report(RCA)
    Azure portal account management
    System setting change support

    Event management(RCA)
    Configuring and checking backups

    Configuring and checking updates
    Response by severity (within 15m/1/2H)
    Provision of an updated architecture (1 time/Half year)
    Support for new resource distribution
    Landing zone proposal⁴
    Operational policy management
    Confidential management (Certificate, Key)
    Network (Logical network separation, etc)
    Storage (Backup/encryption)
    Log centralization
    Same as Silver
    Same as Silver
    Incident notification configuration
    Single-channel notification configuration (Email)⁴
    Monitoring environment configuration⁴
    Incident notification configuration (3rd party system)
    Single-channel notification configuration (Azure apps, Slack)³
    Log collection system distribution³
    Multi-channel notification configuration (Phone)¹
    Monitoring optimization (Grafana)
    Cost Management
    Provide billing information via ClooOps²
    Cost status report
    Cost prediction
    Cost prediction and control (1 time/month)
    Security vulnerability management (Cloud native)⁴
    Access management⁴
    Network security (NSG, Firewall) management
    Security resource management
    Same as Gold
    1: Separate supplementary service / Need an agreement
    2: Cloud management platform developed by Cloocus
    3: Provided upon request
    4: Available as an Azure Native