GitHub (DevOps)

GitHub and Azure integration accelerates software development

Seamlessly integrated Azure products and services combine examples and tools that have helped grow the world’s largest developer community to deliver software faster and safer.
(Turn customer insights into sales impact)
  • Individualized sales based on customer scale
  • Support sellers with behavioral insights
  • Accelerate Profits with AI
(Focus customer attention)
  • Managing relationships with customers
  • Targeting loyal customers
  • A new way to engage customers
(Reimagine the way you serve your customers)
  • Personalize your service experience
  • Increase employee work efficiency
  • Service operation optimization
Customer Data Platform
(Real-time customer data platform)
  • Optimize and adjust customer journeys in real time
  • Be agile and adapt quickly
  • Accelerate Profits with AI
(Improve customer satisfaction anytime)
  • Provide a seamless shopping experience
  • Differentiate and automate with AI
  • Be agile and adapt quickly

Creating more efficient work performance, Dynamics 365

Modular application
Pre-built, modular applications allow you to easily connect to the systems and tools you use, giving you the freedom to add functionality and extend existing solutions.
End-to-End Solution
Closer connectivity between business applications accelerates business growth, optimizes operations, drives innovation across teams, and improves customer engagement.
Rapid deployment and onboarding
By drastically shortening the user adoption process, which previously took up to several months to implement a solution, the process can be completed in as little as a few days, quickly creating innovation and seeing results.

Breaking down barriers between data

Easily access data from anywhere, quickly derive targeted insights, and operate this entire process safely through security and compliance.

Discover the foundation of team innovation, Dynamics 365, at Cluoous.

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