Eden BizTech is a solution provider which develops corporate groupware and ERP solutions. It currently provides its proprietary solutions to over 300 clients.


Eden BizTech was previously utilizing a different cloud computing serivces. However, as the number of clients increased, the costs exponentially increased. In order to address the issue, Eden BizTech requested Cloocus a cloud consultation. Taking Cloocus’ consulting recommendations to utilize Web App and PaaS, the client was satisfied with the proposal and decided to migrate to Azure.

Utilized Azure Resources

Web APP, Azure SQL, Azure Storage Service


The developed solution of the client was utilizing COM+, which was replaced to align with a Web App structure. Cloocus successfully addressed various challenges, including resolving remote query issues with the database. The client’s enthusiasm for adopting new technologies significantly accelerated the Azure migration process.

It was not easy overcoming the challege of high expenses of the cloud platform the client previously utilized. However, by transitioning the service to serverless PaaS model via Web App, Cloocus was able to offer separate Web App services to each of client’s end users. This allowed the client to operate distinct services while leveraging groupware features to save resources during nights and weekends (52 hours per week). This resulted in significant costs savings and brought high satisfaction rate to the client. 

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