Cloocus Services for Gaming Industry

Speed up your development process with our strong expertise and experience. We have the largest number of references from many big clients in the gaming industry.
We are ready to support your business to achieve a successful game launching and an effective service operation.

Cloud environment for game services

We provide a flexible cloud environment for various gaming service and operation environments.

Strong experience
with gaming industry

Useful solution partnership and technology for game companies

Professional managed
service team for games

Fast incident
recovery service

01. Game on Azure Key solutions

02. One Stop service for gaming

01. AS-IS Assesment

Infrastructure Design through Advance Consulting
Configuration Suggestions for the Highest Cost-Effectiveness Ratio
Product-Specific Price Discount Suggestions and Cost Reduction through Technical Consulting

Safe & Fast
Data Transfer

02. Cloud Migration

DC Migration
Data Migration
Storage Migration
Server Migration
Data Box

Performance and Price Optimization

03. Optimize

Security Management
Usage Analysis and Optimization
Performance Optimization through BMT, Bot Testing, etc.
Cost Management through PowerBI and Provision of Monthly Statistics Reports

Asset Management

04. Managed

Provision of a Monitoring Dashboard (MSP)
Real-time Monitoring through Open Source Software Programs (Grafana, etc.)
Real-Time Risk Detection Alerts
Provision of Attention and Caution Reports
Database Management

03. Managed Service for game companies

  • Our managed service includes Azure infrastructure management support and disaster recovery support. To successfully achieve these, we have formed the 3 Tier supporting team structure: MSP help deck, in-house professional consultant team and MS support team.
  • Technical support is available 8H X 7D. Call (070-4254-3402), Email (, and through ClooOps.
    (Professional customer support is available 24H x 7D**)

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