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Handok is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1956. Handok provides prescription drugs, general medicines, and health functional foods, and puts innovation, responsibility, and cooperation as its core values. They are using various digital tools to improve their customer-centered services. In addition, they are fulfilling their social responsibilities through environmental protection and community support. Handok is strengthening its position as a global healthcare leader by continuously investing in expanding the global market, research and development, and fostering talented people with expertise and creativity.


Handok utilizes the latest technologies to improve relationships with customers, partners, and employees and innovate its business models in line with the rapid development of digital technologies and the era of change. Handok’s digital transformation is a company-wide digital evolution that aims to provide value to all stakeholders. It is an essential challenge to maintain its position as the leader in the pharmaceutical industry and respond to future challenges. For this, they built big data analysis and business intelligence building as their primary challenge based on cloud infrastructure.


Handok has built a digital workplace based on Microsoft 365 and a big data analytics platform and business intelligence based on Microsoft Azure with Cloocus. Specifically, the Azure Data Factory was used to build a stable data pipeline between the customer source system and Azure services, and Azure Synapse Analytics technology was used to maximize query performance. Cloocus also provided users with training on how to use data analytics and visualization tools through its regular Power BI training programs.


Through this digital innovation project, work productivity has been improved and business efficiency has been maximized. Real-time processing and collection of data has been possible, and overall data management and processing speed have improved, such as reducing data visualization time from 5 minutes to 10 seconds. In particular, work efficiency has increased by integrating various data scattered by departments, processing after failures and setting alarms.

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